Thursday, August 16, 2012

Garden Thursday


I'm back and ready to go this week. Thanks to the boys for giving me a week off to, well, not do much of anything.

Still a boring time in the garden. With the hots flowers don't last long. But we did get our lily to bloom. Plus you can see how dry and brown most everything else is except the weeds!

The neighbor lady calls these flowers "naked ladies" but they don't look anything like mum with her clothes off. Nothing should look like mum with her clothes off, MOL.

Mum says they are also called "Resurrection Lilies" since the green leaves all come up and grow early in the spring, then die. Two months later the flower stalk shoots up and you have your flowers.  Here is another link to tell you about the flowers.

So that is the report for this week from the garden. See you next week.

Love, Virginger


  1. Love looking at all the gardens. Today I shall do it from the shade. We might set a heat record.

  2. Naked Ladies! Heeheehee!! I am sorry you has so much hots.

    But I am sorrier that your Human up and ABANDONED you for DAYS AND DAYS AND DAYS. I mean, you could have STARVED! I hope she at least brought you PRESENTS!

  3. I don't have a garden, so yours looks terrific to me!

  4. Maybe they're called naked ladies cuz they're not wearing many leaves at all? We're furry big fans of flowers, but we like ones with lotsa leaves even better. (nom, nom, nom)


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