Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garden Thursday


Welcome to Garden Thursday. It has continued to be hots here, so not much happening. Just trying to take it easy and not get heat stressed. 

 Some buns looking for fresh grass to eat, it is getting sort of brown in spots. Mum says it get scratchy under her feets.
 See the temperature thingy, this is later in the evening too, it was hotter during the day.
 But mum sends out water to the flowers in the planters, so the are doing OK.
Me, I just have been sitting around looking cute! I am really good at that. That is it for this week. Join me next week to cellybrate Garden Thursday and Ducky's purrthday!

See ya, Love Virginger.


  1. It is HOTS here, too! Is the corn in the fields gonna be knee high by the forth?

  2. Whew, that is hot! Stay cool and thanks fur the tour!

  3. We got the hots too...but today it rained some and they say it's supposed to cool down. YAY! We want the windows opened again!

  4. Phew! That is too hot for us! The pretty flowers in the planters must be glad of the water your mum gives them.

  5. We like that little pink flowers in the pot. An t got up to 98 here...


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