Monday, June 18, 2012

MiniManCat Monday

Obviously cats are superior to dogs - cats would never deign to roll over on demand. - Author Unknown

Yes I get two weeks in a row for MiniManCat Monday. That's cuz Derby was a bad cat. More on that later. 
Me, sitting so nice for mum in front of the moving picture box. Telling her it is time to go to bed.
 Me on Caturday night, just chillin' in the open window before we all headed off to bed.
Me loving the nip nanner, all stretched out on the floor. Furring it up some more, cuz mum got out the sucking monster and took all of our floor furs up. 

Plus we had a visitor this weekend. No not one of mum's furiends, but a little Black Kittie, just about my size. Mum managed to get a quick pic of it Thursday evening.
She went outside to try to see if she could say hello up close, but it ranned away. Derby managed to slip through the door before it closed. So mum had to grab him before he took off. He got as far as where the one little table is and nommed some grass. Mum picked him up and said "BAD DERBY".
Plus on Caturday night, Black Kittie dropped by again. The front window was closed, but he crawled along the ledge in front of the window. Mum noticed BC as it walked there. Above is a pic from winter, the our bad boy sitting watching outside. 

He ranned off again before mum could go out and say hi or take his or her pic again. 

That's it for now. Happy Monday.


  1. Hmmm, we wonder if this kitteh is furriend or foe? Happy Monday. xoxo

  2. Oh wow, I hope the little black kitty comes back to visit again. It will be lovely if your mummy can get to say hello before he/she runs away again :)xx

  3. Looking good, Ducky!

    Better watch out, Derby. Humans really don't appreciate our forays...

    The Chans

  4. I wonder why the black kitty keeps coming around - maybe s/he is looking for a handout?

  5. Derby I think you make a great watch cat! However, that running outside is a bit much for your mum

  6. We gotta at least try to escape now and's the Catly way.

  7. We can see what a good cat you are in your photos Ducky.
    Derby, you mustn't scare your mum by trying to escape.

  8. Sometimes its beneficial ta be the good kitty, Ducky!

  9. It's always fun to have a bro who acts just a bit naughtier, isn't it?

  10. We aren't so nice when introoder kitties come over to our house.

  11. We'z wif William, we like to haf just one of us in trouble dat way da rest of us get off purrty easy. Ya just gotta rotate da one being bad so effuryone gets a chance to be da "not bad" kitty.

  12. Sounds like theres a nice black kitty looking for a new home.
    Derby, we are happy you nommed a bit of grass but don't be darting out like that anymore!

  13. Derby is just practicing for the Olympic Dash-Out-the-Door event!


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