Friday, September 2, 2011

Loving and Laboring

Happy Holiday weekend to all of our Mericky furiends. Plus a super big shout out to ML, who keeps us all informed with the Cat Blogsphere site. Heck if we didn't have that, we really wouldn't know what is going on. Plus she has a great bunch of kitties, Missy Blue Eyes, KC, Faith Boo, Sol, Smokey, BJ. Gosh six kitties, we are just us two.

Thanks for all you do ML, we loves you.
Mum got home a few minutes early from day hunting today. That was nice, but she had to meet our pest control guy, Scott. He came in and let Derby sniff his fingers and Derby gave him a huge hiss. The pest guy laffed, and said Derby was smelling raccoons and opossum's.

After Scott left mum went outside to grill dinner, a little steak. Yes we got a taste. But while mum was cooking all the little fevvers scattered! Heck the bushes were shaking with all of them diving for cover. Yep, then the hawk flew threw the yard, but every one was safe.

Mum says we are going to chill this weekend both inside and out. The hots came back but should be gone by Caturday night. Then we can chillax and have our windows open.


  1. Have a great time chillaxing! I hope I get too as well. No more darned people interrupting my naps!

  2. We are askeered of your hawk! You guys stay safe indoors.
    Relaxicating sounds purrfect...if your Mum notices a few extra Cats around the house, they would be us!

  3. Gosh, love the new header photo, is it new?

  4. Have a good weekend, and don't "labor" too much.


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