Saturday, November 21, 2020


 HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Hope everyone is doing well today. Me and mum are doing fine. 

Mum did get the last of the yard work done. Last of the leaves in the street, then she used the grass eater to even off the grass. Last thing was to clean out the metal monster room and switch out the grass eater to the snow eater. Not that we are expecting snow anytime soon. 

Mum has been reading her big fat book that she got the other day from the library, so she will be working on that. Right now it is the only books she has out from the library. Sadly due to the virus thing they are back to only having curbside pickup. This book is 700 pages to read and mum is reading it slowly as it is good. 

Me? I will play, mooch treats from mum, nap, help mum watch fevvers. It is fevver watching time now for the university. Heck we are still seeing robins who haven't gone south. Mum swears she even heard the call of sand hill cranes yesterday afternoon. It is fun to sit with mum and just watch the outside. 

Mum got all the goodies for our special meal next week. Same stuff we  had last year when she stayed home cuz of her broked ankle. Lots of good noms!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Stay safe, stay healthy and wear your mask!



  1. Hey Ducky, tell your robin pals they can come South to our place, but they need to stay in the front yard, not the backyard where the ferals live.

  2. I hear it's a good book; you must have been #1 in line at the library, 'cause I hear it's flying off the shelves. I'd like to listen to the audiobook, since he read it himself.
    Thanks for the puzzle!

  3. Your mum must be pleased that the outside work is done and the leaves ready for collection. Thanks for the puzzle.

  4. What a fun Caturday you and your mum are having. Though we think you’re having the most fun. Ducky.

  5. Looks like everything is ready for Winter at your place. TBT just mows the tree leaves into the grass like he does the grass itself. He says both are free fertilizer.

    You are looking relaxed there Ducky...

  6. I wonder why those fevvers are so slow to get moving south.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Great photo of you Ducky and a nice weekend with Mom is super

  8. Ducky, here in NE Ohio we have robins that stay year round. We feel so sorry for them when it is January and they are gleaning the crabapple trees. But the juncos haven't showed up yet.


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