Saturday, March 20, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here Happy Caturday. Happy first day of spring. We have been having pretty good weather, but super windy some days. All the snow is gone from our yard, mum did a special inspection to make sure. It may be nice enuf to have open windows the next few days. I hope so.

The flying boat races are over for now. The last race occurred on the afternoon of March 17 in New Zealand, which was the late evening here on March 16. Now all of the other races have been on the moving picture box. Live as it happened but not that night. Mum was not happy. She did find an app that gave the puter generated positions of the boats while they race, but it wasn't the same. At least she got to find out who won as it happened. She did finally find a video with highlights of the actual race a couple of days later.
The Kiwi's won and defended the Cup. Kiwi's is New Zealand. So we can do this again in about 4 years. There is even an official challenger for the next round, the guys from the You-Kay. You can see me waiting to watch with mum.

I had a comment the other day about the library. It is open, now fully opened, at least for now. So a year ago they totally closed for about 6 weeks. Then only open for curbside pickup. Then partially open, then fully open, then back to partially open. Back to curbside open early this year, now finally back to fully open but they are asking that you don't come in and hang out all day. Plus no in person programs, they are all on line. Mum has gotten used to just putting the books she wants on hold. They find them either in our library or one close by. Then mum just zips in and picks up her books. Saves her time!

What she is hoping for next month is a chance to have a face to face visit with her home delivery patron. Miss Edie is in her 90's and mum says she is super sharp brain wise. She has missed visiting with her, but mum has written her a note every month to keep in touch.

Mum did watch a bit of bracketball last night. Bucky Badger won, woohoo. Not sure when they play again or who they play. At least they get to play this year. 

Guess that is it. Happy Weekend. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can. 


  1. It would be nice if the libraries opened again Ducky, they are only pick up and drop off here too.

  2. The libraries here are click and collect. I don't know when they will open properly, maybe in May.

  3. Our libraries have been closed all this time! My human was eventually able to get a movie she had on hold months after she ordered it. After that, she figured she would just wait until it opened again before trying to check out anything more.

  4. Our library is fully open - boy it's wonderful!

    Did you get a new nip nana, Ducky?

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Glad the Kiwi's won. Our local library is open again for browsing so that is cool. Dad does not go often but it is nice to be able to drop in

  6. We're glad you could enjoy some good weather. Our library is fortunately open. Purrs

  7. We bet Miss Edie can't wait to see your Mom in person again either ! So good they have both been able to keep reading all along.

  8. Our Library isn't open yet. We leave full lockdown at the end of April, hopefully!

  9. We have had pick-up only at our local library, but I've only been listening to audiobooks, so those are easy to get using my phone app.


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