Saturday, September 22, 2018


HiYa Ducky here! I have been sitting on mum as much as possible to keep her from going anywhere. Although she does have a few places to go she hasn't been gone long. I allowed her out to get foods for herself and get all the snail mail. Plus she got the grass eater out to even out that. It rained here and the grass grew while she was gone.

Today I am giving her purr-mission to help kids learn how to drive a bit better. She helps out with this every year. Says she chases pylon cones.

Mum said I could share a couple of pics from her trip. So here it goes.
 Mum soaking up the sun on the sun deck. She said they had nice weather for the most part.
 The captain of the ship. Mum says they called him JB for Jean-Baptiste. Mum thinks he was very good looking.
Front shot of the ship she was one. Not a big thing, mum says it was quite comfy.

Mum is thinking she will do a blog to show more pics from the trip, but that will take time to set up. So stay tuned, we will let you know when it is ready.


  1. Ooh Ducky, it sounds like your mom bean had quite the adventure. But she left you behind! We are sure she will make it up to you with lots of cuddles and scritches.

  2. My human saw some of your human's adventures on Facebook - she had an amazing time!

  3. Sounds like your mum had a lovely time, Ducky.

  4. We would love to see more photos of your mums trip.


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