Monday, December 21, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

The beauty of silence is not lost on a cat.

Ahh, peace and quiet. Mum likes it too. We is both comfortable not having lots of noise, don't have to have the radio, stereo, moving picture box on. You can hear yourself think!

So where was I the other night thinking? Under our little sparkly tree. Still and moovie version. 

Mum has done lots of foods shopping and the big cold box is full. Lots of goodies for us to eat over the next week or so. Mum will be cooking this week. She even ran the cleaning cycle on the big hot box on Sunday. Get that all clean for the holly-day foods to cook. 

Feetsball Report

The Pack played on Caturday night and won of those black panther kats. I don't think mum paid attention to the game. First Miss Lynn called and they chatted for a long time. Then when that was done she checked and found a message that she got hacked on BookFace. 

Mum took care of the hack, logged out of everything, changed her password, then sent messages to ignore the message so they didn't get hacked. Sheesh, lots of work but she hadn't been hacked before cuz she changes her passwords often. She also makes her passwords long and crazy. Her new password according to this chart will take millions of years to figure out! 

Plus mum has been watching racy boats of all things. Coming in from the other side of the earth down under in New Zealand. Oooh. our furiend PoppyQ lives in New Zealand. Pretty cool to watch as these boats seem to fly across the water. These races were not on live, mum hopes as they get to the finals they will be live on the moving picture box. There afternoon of the next day is our evening the day before!

Mum finished the blankie she was working on and started on the next one. She put on her calendar thingy when she started, it took her 17 days to make the blankie. She doesn't even do this every day, but when she starts to crow-shay she moves right along!

So the finished blankie and the yarn for the next one. Yeah, she started up right away on the next one, gotta keep her hands bizzy!

Hmm, that is a nice color against my furs. I doubt mum will let me keep it!

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask. 


  1. Is that America's Cup races, or the lead up to?
    Wonder if there is a chance we'll get to see any of it, with our limited TV selection.
    Sorry to hear you were hacked; good advice about changing passwords.

  2. You look very happy under your tree Ducky!

  3. Sorry you were hacked but glad you got it sorted.
    The blue/green yarn is very pretty.

  4. What a wonderful little tree, Ducky! You are the perfect addition to it!

  5. My human always wonders why cats need to hang out under the Christmas tree! Because it really is a cat thing.

  6. Ducky our Dads Mom did the Cro-she thing and he still has blankies. Yes he loves em too. Purrs my friend


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