Saturday, December 5, 2020


 HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday, Happy Weekend. Me and mum are just planning on chilling this weekend. Although she says she has got to get the sucky monster going and then finish with the inside decorating. 

Mum finished this blankie on Thursday evening. She needs to take a picture of the full final blankie, she forgot to do it during the day on Friday. She got distracted by all the bright sunshine and took off in the metal monster for a long drive. When she got home she was in a good mood having been out in all the brightness. 

While it is December we have no snow on the ground, heck we even still have robins hanging around. Mum says they have food and water so why leave! Mum hopes robin goes off to the south soon even though we have foods and water out for him. 

Mum found out that the library is going to stay closed for coming inside until further notice. Mum can still get the books she wants with curb side pickup. As long as she can do that she is OK. Plus she would have books on her own shelf to read. 

No puzzle today, we are shifting our puzzle day to Thursday for now. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask. 


  1. Tell Mr. Robin it's been cold here in the South too!

  2. We have had some sun today so I went outside to do some more tidying up in the garden. Our Mr.Robin hopped over to help me. I didn't stay out long though because it barely got above freezing all day.

  3. I can understand the joys of going out for a long drive - especially if there isn't snow on the roads.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. We seem to have robins around here all year round.

  5. Our library has some online services that can only be accessed when you are on the library's wifi. My human is considering parking in their parking lot and seeing if she can get on it.

    1. Janiss, most of the libraries near me have parking spots for cars to use the wifi from outside of the buildings; hope yours does to.

  6. We love the colors in that blankie photo, Ducky. Dad says it reminds him of sherbet. Our library is still open, though dad says he has a feeling it'll close down again soon. Not sure about robins here, though we do still have that mama bear and her cubs roaming right outside the house. Dad says they should be hibernating now, and it seems the three cubs are now only two. We're wondering where the third one is and hope a hunter didn't get him or something. Dad saw a cub at the end of the driveway Friday and hollered for mom to come look. When they turned to go back in the house the mama was lumbering down the driveway right towards them! In they went!!

  7. I have apps on my phone to order ebooks & audiobooks, and can pick up actually books at the library lobby. If I'm 1/2 way through a book, and don't already have the next one lined up...I panic!

  8. That looks like a wonderful blanket Ducky and we are so glad Mom had a nice drive


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