Saturday, June 1, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy June! We got to a new month today. Plus mum isn't forgetting to let me post until the afternoon.

We had a super nice day yesterday. Warm, windy, open windows. Mum even brought the fans up from the dungeon to keep the air moving.
 Nice to have a nap in the sunshine and have the big windows that go to the floor wide open. Plus there was a sky raisin flying around. He is somewhere in the house!
If I am not napping I want to be in mum's lap. Although she says she is going to the library today to help out with the reading program signup. Don't be gone long mum.

Happy weekend to all.


  1. Your mission,Ducky,should you choose to accept it is to catch that sky raisin by the end of the weekend.

  2. I hope you get that sky raisin, Ducky! Meanwhile, here in southern California, the new month opened with the typical June gloom - it's overcast this morning.

  3. I hope your oap gets back soon!

  4. Sit on your mum again, Ducky - as soon as she gets home and don't let her move again until you're ready.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Glad ya got some sun time Ducky!

  6. We hope you got the sky raisin. We're glad you could enjoy some sun. Purrs

  7. I hope you got that sky raisin before your mum got back.


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