Saturday, June 22, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. We are up bright and early today. Mum has the front window open and we are enjoying a gentle breeze on the morning air.

Mum is up early to be ready to watch royal horse racing! Seems they like to put on the show from Royal Ascot of the horsies racing. So we will watch that. Plus we get to see HM the Queen getting delivered in a fancy carriage each day.

Plus mum says it will be time to work on weeds again today. She has tools to keep them down, but hand pulling at times is best. You want to try to pull them out with the root so they don't come back. Specially the thistles! She only uses the spray stuff on this one viney thing that she never seems to be able to get the roots out!
Look at this metal flower! Mum got it as a going away prezzie from the library board. Seems she won't be bored of the library any more. After 10 years she decided she had had enuf, specially of some of the other peoples. Mum says better to leave before she says something that she shouldn't to one of them.

Plus a pretty glass poppy flower dish for a birdie bath. Mum isn't so sure about this as we get sqwerls and raccoons to use ours. Mum is afraid they might knock it over and then we will have broken glass. Well, it could be a fancy water dish for me mum?!
I will let mum stew on that for a while, I will watch horsies and then nap some too while mum works on the weeds.
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. That really would be quite the fancy water bowl!

  2. That is a lovely poppy water bowl. It would be a shame if it got knocked over and broken.

  3. I love the water bowl! But yeah, my human would be worried about it getting broken too.

  4. Ducky, it would be the purrfect water bowl for you, just as long as you had steps to get up there!

  5. Disappointing to hear that your mum won't be bored at the library anymore, but it sounds as though she's made a very sensible decision if she was finding some of the other beins irritating. Perhaps you could help find her another volunteer project Ducky? LOL Don't want your mum bored at home!!

    Have fun watching the horsies.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. We've got a fancy bowl - we leave it on the ground so it can't get knocked and that way bunnies can get water too.

  7. Hey there you gorgeous hunk of ginger mancat, that last photo is just so darned cute!

  8. That would make an awesome water dish for you, Ducky.

  9. Maybe that lovely poppy bird bath could go directly on the ground for those non-birds and they'd leave the other one alone. We think it's very pretty. Or, you could have your mum use it for your kibble!


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