Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tuesday This and That

 Me this AM in the front window. Mum hadn't opened it yet, she keeps it closed overnight. It may not get opened for long, going to be a hot and sticky day.

Mum did her charity event and she was home early! Seems they had no after party this year. Matter of fact the whole event wasn't that well attended with only 62 cars, usually it is more like 162 cars! So sort of a dull event. Half the cars were in one of the four groups. It rained. A couple of guys broke their cars and one brilliant guy with a Furrarri ran out of gas! Duh!!!
 Yeah it rained. Around lunch time, so most of that time mum could stay dry in their little shed. The afternoon you could see the thunder boomers coming in. Things were just about done, so they didn't get wet here. The jumped in the car and came home. Mum's furiends picked her up, she didn't even have to drive!
 They got a small bag of popcorn in their goody bag. Plus a lip balm, otherwise no good stuff and she is bummed on the no after party. That is when they get to stop and chat with everyone! New charity this year, maybe they didn't promote it well enuf!
Mum says she is almost ready for a nap this morning. She had a bizzy day yesterday.


  1. Too bad about the event. Boy that sky looks spooky!

  2. I call it a win, if someone comes out of it with popcorn! We have temps in the 80's, and lots of sun, but a deliciously strong breeze. A slice of heaven, between rainy days.

  3. dood...that iz a lot lezz carz.....may bee peepulz ran outta $$$ ta get them ther ? we bet de popcorn waz good tho ☺☺♥♥

  4. That is a pity that there weren't as many cars there. At least your mum didn't get wet.

  5. Great to get some nice morning air before all that heat and humidity gets to much later on in the day. Sorry about the event and that it had to rain also. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  6. At least it's good the event wrapped up before the sky opened! A secret? Our mom *always* feels like she could nap in the mornings! MOL!

  7. Sounds as though your mum should have stayed home and cuddled you Ducky!

    Sydney, Australia

  8. Too bad about the charity event. But getting some popcorn isn’t too bad!


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