Thursday, December 19, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Mum ordered stuff from the A to Z company. Well she has been ordering lots of stuff for herself cuz she needed stuff since her ankle broke. Well two of the packages that arrived yesterday she says are for me! The catch, I don't get them until Christmouse!

So our throw back today is Derby showing off his many sleeping spots. The one thing he never had was the hammick.

Thursday December 17, 2009 
My Beds

I sleep where ever I want. Mum's bed, the couch, the guest bed, but I do have my own spots that I don't have to share.
Here is my firsted and original bed. It was the only one I had when I first got here. It is in the front room where mum hangs out the most when she is home. We can see the moving picture box from here, or listen to the music.
Yes it is a tight fit, but I like it. I can be all snuggled in in just fine.
Then I have this great big pod that mum won a couple of years ago. At first she had it in the front room, practically next to my firsted bed. Then she moved it back by the big windows that go to the floor. I love the fleecey to lay on, you can see my Gizzy, but lots of time I move it over so I can lay on the fleece.

Then on the other side of the big windows that go to the floor, I have this big pillow than mum made for me. So I have two beds by the big windows with different angles so I can see all directions to see the birdies and the squirrels.

Sometimes I sit right in front of the pillow, specially if I want to see what is outside. On this day I had doves outside, so I wanted closer. You can see another shot of me the other day looking at the doves.
Then my last bed is like my first one, just a simple cuddle ring, next to mum's bed. I don't use it often, since I usually just jump up on the bed and sleep with mum. But this past Sunday when mum woke up I was doing the meatloaf keeping my paws warm, waiting for her to get up and feed me. Then on Monday morning I was there again. Tuesday I didn't use it at all.

So many beds, I just rotate around, depending on my mood.


  1. Perhaps you could gently persuade your mum that, since there is more than one package for you, you might be allowed to open one now and one on Christmouse Day. That sounds fair to me.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Derby was certainly spoiled for choice! WE don't doubt it's the same for you, Ducky!

    Tama and Genji

  3. Aw, great nappy spots. Every cat has their own favorites, dont they?

  4. Derby had so many wonderful sleeping spots. We always love taking a trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful rest of your Thankful Thursday.
    World of Animals

  5. That was a sweet Derby nappy spot flashback!

  6. That boy sure had a lot of spots!

  7. What a fun throwback. Derby had a lot of beds. Do you have that many too, Ducky?


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