Monday, January 16, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

The love of dress is very marked in this attractive animal; he is proud of the lustre of his coat, and cannot endure that a hair of it shall lie the wrong way. When the cat has eaten, he passes his tongue several times over both sides of his jaws, and his whiskers, in order to clean them thoroughly; he keeps his coat clean with a prickly tongue which fulfills the office of the curry-comb. - Jules Champfleury 

Yep, we kits like to keep a clean machine! 

 I am inspecting the crow-shay that mum worked on during the feetsball this weekend. Actually she only worked on it on Sunday. She did so much last weekend her hands and shoulder were getting hurty. So she tried not to do so much this weekend.
Me watching mum do her crow-shay before moving in and sitting on her, and preventing her from doing the crow-shay for a while.

Feetsball Report

Mum only watched one game in full, the Bills-Dolphins game and she was happy the Bills won. Otherwise she would do stuff then turn on the game when she thought it was getting towards the end. Mum was really happy when she watched the end of the Vi-Queens game and saw they lost! 

Have a good week everyone!


  1. We have been admirative of the amount of crochet that your Mom manages to do, and can imagine that her hands would get a little sore! And of course, her energy is equally well, if not better, spent snuggling with you, Ducky!

    The Chans

  2. Ducky, it's great that you keep your mum to a strict agenda; some time for her stuff, and the proper amount spent with you!

  3. It's nice that you make sure your Mom doesn't overdo it!


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