Monday, January 9, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

[Cats'] whiskers, seem to possess something like an additional sense; these have, perhaps, some analogy to the antennae of moths... - Rev. W. Bingley

We actually had some sunshine on Caturday. It was so nice and both mum and I took advantage of the rays. Mum even was outside getting some rays. Mum also got all the little sparkly trees put away and is likely to get the outside lights taken down today.

Mum even got some movies of me snoozing in her lap in the sun. It was nice!

Then Sunday had no sun but lots of feetsball and crow-shay. You can see me sitting on the blankie making it hard for mum to work on it.

Feetsball Report

Mum sure watched a lot of feetsball in the past week. She doesn't usually watch the Monday night game but thought it would be a good game. It was scary to watch the player collapse cuz his heart stopped. Super happy they got it going again and that he is doing well. Continuing purrs for him.

The Pack - They losted so won't be playing anymore games for the playoffs. They played the Lions and the Lions knew they wouldn't be in the playoffs. So their goal was to make sure The Pack didn't go either. So the Pack lost to the Lions for both games this season. 

Mum says we can now root for any team we want to win the Stouper Bowl. Mum is think Buffalo!

Happy week. 


  1. You look very happy and peaceful on your mum's lap.

  2. Sweet videos! We love what the sun does to your furs, Ducky!

    The Chans

  3. Ducky, you are so handsome!
    The Hubby watched football yesterday, while I napped with Sweetie.
    Since she was the one who makes me miss sleep, it only seems right.

  4. I think you win the prize for the best comfy cozy today Ducky!

  5. Mark's Mews: Our Football Washington/Dallas game was the opposite of yours. We played the part of the Lions. But Dallas will still be in the Play Offs. We hope they get drubbed immediately! Our pick fer the Super Bowl is some team that hasnt won it in a while...


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