Friday, November 25, 2011

Feasting on Friday

Mum promised us turkey this weekend and we didn't get it yesterday. So we were furry bummed out. But she came through today. Made us our own turkey dinner! Yummmy.

Just out of the oven and getting its temperature taken. Just right to come out of the oven.
Waiting, and waiting some more. Come on mum give us some turkey. Mum said it had to rest and she zapped the taters and dressing in the microwave.
Taking off the string that held it together and then.....
...cutting some slices off to eat.
Full plate of turkey, dressing and taters. Mum says that is what she likes best, the carbs! Heck with veggies and pie, give her taters and dressing.
Our first little pieces of turkey, yes, nice and yummy. Flavorful and moist.
Ducky moving so fast to inhale his piece!
Paws off the table please, Derby. You know it is not polite to put your paws on the table.
Thank you, that is better.
Ducky sitting pretty with his paws off the table.
The end, mum let us lick her plate, after she was done licking her plate! Yes, she licked her plate.
Lots left to eat for meals to come. We can say thanks again.

Mum's comments. What I bought was a boneless turkey breast, Butterball made it. I debated just doing a cornish hen, but when I saw this, I got it. Three pounds and it included a gravy packet, didn't have many drippings to add to the gravy however. It was good, I would do it again. Enough but not too much in terms of leftovers.


  1. That looks yummy! Our humans had TG Day dinner ay some friends' house, so no leftovers. Mom is planning to make a turkey breast and stuffing here tomorrow. We hope we get some!

  2. Your turkey dinner looked very tasty and well worth waiting for.

  3. That looks delicious! Mom Paula hasn't let us have any turkey yet.

    Truffle and Brulee

  4. Yummy! You kittehz finally got sum bird! What a great Mum you haf!

  5. Oh that looks marvelous! I did not get any turkey at all. Sigh.

  6. Mmmmm...that looked yummy! We had turkey too! Our mom got a turkey weighed about 7 lbs, she said. And after she and dad and us had our fill, there's still some leftovers!!

  7. Oh I am glad you gotted your Turkey!!! Thanks for coming over for the House Trashing Pawty! The Human was SO surprised, heh heh!

  8. OMC, that looks delishus! Our Daddy bought a honeybaked turkey beast for him and Mommy and was pretty darn good. Mommy says: "carb out"!

  9. My human likes the veggies AND the carbs best! I think that is fine - more turkey for us kitties!

  10. *Slurp*! That looked super yummy...we can see why you guys (and your Mom) licked the plate!

  11. mom and dad were gone away for T-day, but on their return bought a rotisserie chicken, and made some stuffing with mom's homemade croutons. Smelled so good, and dad let me have some pieces of chicken!

  12. Mmmm ... that looks good. We may have to call for the other half of our roasted turkey bird that is vacationing in the freezer.

  13. What a great looking turkey!!! How great the three of you got to share!

  14. Our mom just buys a turkey breast (bone in) because everyone just likes the white meat anyway. It leaves leftovers for the boy to take to his house and enough for a few hot turkey sandwiches for mom & dad.

  15. Oh yes! Maw lufs potatoes and dressing!

    Luf, Us


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