Thursday, February 25, 2021

Puzzle Thursday

 We're melting! That is a good thing, the snow is slowly going away. Mum even went outside without a jacket on for a few minutes the other day. 

Mum had our man Dan come over to rake the roof on Monday and it is melting off really nice. I even snoopervised Dan and he did do a good job. 

 The front on Monday, the back on Monday
The back on Tuesday

The front on Wednesday, and the back on Wednesday. Lots of snow gone!

 Mum knocked the top of the pile of snow off so we can now see the fevver bath again. Since it got warm we have water again for the fevvers, not just ice! 

Me inspecting the new blankie mum started last night. She finished the last one during the day on Wednesday, started the new one in the evening.

Puzzles, one of the above pic and some flowers!

preview99pieceDuckyColors preview90pieceIMG_6117


  1. I'm glad your snow is melting Ducky and that the roof is clear once again!

  2. Ooh, puzzles...thanks!
    Our roof is very steep, but the stoopey leaf guards that The Hubby installed in the autumn only made MORE ICICLES, and everything is a drippy mess right now.
    First stretch of good weather, and he is taking those dang things OFF!

  3. You did an excellent job snoopervising Dan, Ducky. He did a great job too. You do know, though, there's bound to be more snow!

  4. Glad it is melting, you did well watching! And lovely blanket :-D

  5. May I be honest? That snow sucks, if you ask me. You didn't, but it sucks anyway. Dad had a few nice days here this past week, and managed to get some brush clearing done (and in the process got more poison on his arms even though he was wearing long sleeves). Hope your weekend is a nice one.


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