Thursday, January 31, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Deep freeze is still here. Mum went outside yesterday long enuf to grab the newsy paper, less than 30 seconds. The less than 5 minutes to add hot water to the fevver bath and top off the foods.
Yeah, nice and sunny, but super cold out. Mum was all covered up and all you could see were her eyes. Somehow the fevvers and sqwerls seem to do OK even when it is super cold.
Me trying to get a bit of sun. Mum lowers those shades when the sun isn't coming in when it is super cold. She even let the heaty monster at its daytime temp all night. She heard that is is better on the monster if it doesn't have to work hard in the AM to bring it the temps back up. Maybe on Friday we will be out of the deep freeze.
Today's Throw Back, takes us back 10 years to Derby, well being Derby.

From January 30, 2009

Finally Friday

Woot, we made it to Friday. Lots going on to tell you about.

First lots and lots of purrs for Moki, he isn't doing well with infection and blood in his urine. Purrs needed.
A few weeks ago mum sent of a box to my sweetie Princess Mia, sort of an early Valentine's Day prezzie. It included treats and such for Mia and Tigey. Plus there is a babybean that will be coming soon. Mum made a blankie for the baby bean, not the one that she finished last week, that is for someone at work. Plus booties she boughted that were hand made.
Last night when mum came home I made her stay put for a while by putting my paws down on her leg. So she sat for a while before she make her quickie dinner, she said she didn't need to eat much as they had a Stouper Bowl lunch at work. Just quick sandwiches and lots of foods stuff that everybody brought.

The other day I told you about all of the kitties that mum sees as she drives to work. Yesterday morning as she drove she saw a lump by the side of the road, all smooshed up. At first mum thought it might be a squirrel but as she got closer it was a little white and gray tabbie kittie!

Mum said there was nothing she could do, the kittie had gone to The Bridge. I know my buds who are already there welcomed the newbie. If the kittie was a feral kittie it now has a wonderful place, warm and safe to be in. If a family losted their kittie because it got outside, we is sorry about your loss, but remember to keep your kitties INSIDE.
Mum had the last bit of this yummy drink the other night. I helped myself to a few licks as well. But mum only buys this stuff once a year, so no more until Christmouse time!


  1. Wow sounds cold in your part of the world. Keep warm and cosy.

  2. I hope it warms up for you guys very soon!

  3. Wow - your mum is kind to you and the fevvers and now, we find out, even to the heaty monster! Of course, this is the kind of weather that you want to be especially kind to your heaty monster, isn't it?

    Sydney, Australia

  4. We have been worrying about all our friends in North America who are experiencing such terrible cold.

    Fun to see the TBT from 10 years ago So many fine friends we all miss.

    The Chans

  5. It is very cold where you are. I am sure you enjoyed the heaty monster being turned up at night. I enjoy the flashbacks to Ducky too.

  6. Dang, it's way too cold just about everywhere!

  7. Ducky, I go outside with my big, warm coat, boots, mittens, and scarf, and I think..."hey, this isn't so bad!" Then, I take a few steps, and the wind cuts through, and I'm all, "this weather is CRAZY!"

  8. We really hope you get warmer temperatures soon. Purrs


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