Monday, January 28, 2019

ManCat Monday

Cats are dogs with a college education.

Yeah, we kits are smart cookies. We don't have to go outside to do our bizzness in the winter. We get to miss the cold and snow. Snow, yeah, we are going to get dumped on, the weather guessers are saying 10+ inches here, then it is supposed to be super cold on Tuesday to Wednesday.
 Mum double checked that we had enuf foods, she did go out for a few things, mainly to get bread as we don't have much left. Gotta be able to do toast.
 She wasn't outside long, but she said it was cold out and she made sure the metal monster got all heated up before she came come and she made sure the gas tank was all full.
Mum got pics of the two little red tailed sqwerls. They were both sitting on the trunk of the naybors tree, or at least what is left of it.

 Mum got a pic of the top guy and cut it so you get a nice close up of the little guy. Sort of cute.
Mum did drive by the falls and they are pretty frozen. No place close to park so she didn't stop to take some pics. Maybe another day.

Have a good week everyone. Take care and stay warm.


  1. Brrr! You guys stay warm! It's been cold here, for California - but not like what you guys get!

  2. Great pics of you again today Ducky. Keep your mum inside with you so she stays safe and warm.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. dood...forgetz de bread... wherz de 98 casez oh canned goodz....aka cat foodz... ☺☺☺ we iz glad mum can stay home N chillax with ewe IZ two vizshuz out side ...peer ee ud....stay safe N warm N happee week a head...bee fore ya noe it de gardin crew will be postin ;) ♥♥

  4. We hope you are all ready and hopefully it won't be that much snow. You kitties are lucky that you get to stay in the house to go to the bathroom. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe and warm. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  5. I hope the snow isn't too bad and you and your mum stay nice and warm indoors.

  6. Ducky, you and your mum stay safe and warm over these next few days! Your weather is even making news here.

  7. We’re headed for the deep freeze too...stay warm!

  8. I wonder if squirrels have tiny little fireplaces in the trees, I would like to think so (or they have fake ones so they don't burn the trees down lol). Poor Dad and Dakota are on their way out now for Dakota to poop in the frigid temps....cats are soooo much smarter just to poop inside the house!!

  9. You and your mum stay inside and keep warm! Seems like almost everything here is closed Wednesday and Thursday. We sure aren't going out!


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