Thursday, January 24, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

It got snowy and cold. Mum even had to break out the snow eating machine. Here is the nice clean drive, and we got a tiny bit more later.
 I carefully snoopervised from inside. I have no wish to get out in that cold, white stuff. 
The sun came out and mum got the little bit that came down, plus moved her big recycling bin to the street. It is full, it had to go out. Plus the plow guys came by one more time. So mum got that cleaned up too.
Our Throw Back today takes us back to when we had a super cold time and things got all freezy on us.

From January 21, 2009

Frozen Falls

Last summer the falls looked like this, lots of water going over the falls after we had lots and lots of rain.
What they look like under 'normal' conditions when there hasn't been a lot of rain. They are all nice and pretty.
Now they are all frozen in the cold! With all of the furry cold weather the water got stuck in one place, but they do sneak out underneath and keep going.
Guess it is a good thing mum makes me stay inside! My water dish wouldn't be water anymore but ice.


  1. Brr! I bet you are double glad to be an indoor kitty right about now, Ducky!

  2. You made an excellent choice to stay inside and snoopervise your mum from there, Ducky. It's called division of labour. She's got those magic opposable thumbs, so let's see her put them to good use driving the snow eating machine.

    As for frozen waterfalls: I love 'em. When I was at Niagara Falls one late December, they hadn't frozen, but there were very large blocks of ice falling over the edge. Simply amazing to someone who lives where we don't even get frost in the middle of winter! LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Inside is the best place to be, Ducky.
    The frozen falls look beautiful.

  4. We had snow, then rain, then ice! Then, the temps went up....and now they are falling again. Our walkway, driveway and paths are too small for the snow-eating machine, but I wouldn't mind if The Hubby came home with one, one day!

  5. Your mum really does an excellent job of snow blowing! Just looked outside and it's snowing lightly again. Boo! Good thing my mum got her Costco run done early.


  6. dood...mum iz rite...ya due knot wanna bee out in bee week they iz callin for "highz" in de minuz.... hizzzzz...

    yur fallz fotoz iz AWESUM !!!! R they bye yur houz ?? ☺☺♥♥

  7. What wonderful flashback photos. You are right about having your water inside it would be a big ice cube. Hope your mum was happy with your snoopervising. Looks like a great job. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  8. It's lucky your mum has that machine, Ducky! We remember those frozen falls.

  9. Wow Ducky! Those 2009 pictures are really something! We think the snow is pretty but the Human says she's too much of a wuss to live in it. Yeah, all my floofy long black furs really does cause a lot of big ole furry furballs, even though I will say the Human really does try to keep up with brushing me, which does help. But there's just no end to it.

  10. Wow! TBT told us once he saw a waterfall all frozen and we dint believe him. Until now...

    Not like we are gonna apologize to him or annything... MOL!


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