Thursday, January 3, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

We made it to the new year. Mum went bed early, even earlier than she normally does. We got a bit of snow, so mum put the Christmouse stuff away and got out one of her little snow people instead. Just one since we are having a not so snowy winter.
We watched the rosy purrade and then mum watched a bit of the hockey game. I got close to paw at the puck flying around.
Today's throw back shows Derby having an rather unusual snack!

From Saturday January 3, 2009

Hmmm Tasty
Mum brought this rose home on the night before Thanksgiving. Most of the office got to go home early, but they had to stay until the end of the day for last minute issues. Mum says it wasn't that big of a deal staying late. But one of the other people decided they needed a treat so handed out the roses.
Roses are so tasty, I just love them. Mum can't leave this out when she is not around. I want to knock it to the floor and gobble it all up.
Mum was nice to let me at least get a couple of bites, but only a couple!

Mum went over to Miss Lynn's house on Friday evening for dinnner, she lives on the other side of town so mum left me alone for the evening. She says they had a furry nice dinner with Miss Lynn and her parents. They made chickhen and other goodies.

But mum came home smelling like woofie and not just a little bit. Mum said she sat on the floor and played with Miss Lynn's woofie, Chloe. Miss Lynn was surprised as Chloe normally is not a super friendly woofie. She climbed right in mum's lap one time and kissed her on the ear! She was also bad and got into mum's coat and took her glove! Plus she was messing about and stole a tissue out of mum's purse, guess Chloe, likes tissues too!


  1. My momma watched da Rose Pawrade too.

  2. Some new friends of my human's live RIGHT on the Rose Parade route! She may join them next year.

  3. I have a few snowpeople set out at the office; it's nice and festive.

  4. We just snuggled with Mom on the couch most of the day, watching a The Office marathon on TV. It was too cold to do anything else.

    Derby got to taste a rose? That sounds yummy to us!

  5. Looks like Derby enjoyed nibbling the rose.

  6. Good to see you getting right into that ice hockey game, Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. My mum also watched the Rose Parade and that hockey game. But she did it at her sister's house where she had spent the night New Year's Eve and left me all alone. Boohoohoo!


  8. Actually, we all went to bed about 10 pm here. Sometimes we stay up, sometimes we don't. Nice flashback, though. What does a rose petal taste like? Should we want some?


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