Saturday, January 26, 2019


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Caturday. I have just two words for you today...



Yep, the bottom fell out of the temperature! Right now as mum types this for me it is NEGATIVE 14 Degrees Fahrenheit!  That is NEGATIVE 25.5 for my non-US furiends. Overnight it was a low as NEGATIVE 20 (-28.9C). Yikes, me and mum are staying inside today for sure.

Mum says if she were to go out and check out the water falls they would be all frozen again. Maybe if there is a day when it isn't sooooo cold she might do that and get some new pics.
 With all the snow the creatures are around to get foods. The sqwerls look for stuff underneath the fevver feeders. You can see a regular gray sqwerl and our little red tailed one too.
Mum think he is so cute, but the deep snow covers him up sometimes in the mess of the footprints out by the feeders.
 Plus we are seeing Mr Haw more too. Several times mum has not had the flashy box handy, but the other day he stopped to rest in our crabby apple tree for a few minutes. Looking for something to eat most likely.
 Me, I am going to stay all curled and cuddled up to stay warm. You do the same.
Have a good weekend.


  1. Brrr is right! We are getting torrential rain again, but luckily the temperature is just above freezing so hopefully it won't get icy.

  2. Ducky, you stay warm, handsome! We have the same cold snap, and it's going to get colder...eek!

  3. That is cold! We're supposed to get pretty cold here too towards the middle of next week but not like that!

  4. Minus 14 is the coldest our mom has ever experienced--and she says Yikes! We would not like that at all. We're glad you and your mum have a nice warm house to wait this deep freeze out!

  5. You buys are much colder than us! Also, it's sounding like Monday's snow is going to head north and hit you the hardest. We'll still get snow, but not as much as predicted. But, as you know, that can all change in a heartbeat! Stay warm!

  6. Brrr! Your cold makes our southern California cold look WARM!

  7. You're a smart kitty Ducky. Today is definitely a day to stay indoors!

  8. Happy Caturday Ducky. We are just thinking about negative 14 degrees and we are turning our heat up. Hope you enjoy a great day with mum cuddling inside the warm house. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a great weekend.
    World of Animals

  9. OMC ! That's too cold ! Stay warm ! Purrs

  10. Your two words are a perfect description Ducky. Sit on your mum to help keep her warm and snuggle up together.

    Stay safe.

    Sydney, Australia

  11. Ducky, you look so comfortable in that last picture ! Stay warm and we will too !

  12. we're in the same boat! We have a snowstorm headed our way tomorrow and single digit temps the rest of the week!

  13. NEGATIVE WHAT???????? Oh you guys better hunker down and snuggle in and take care of yourselves! We hope all the little critters survive okay--it is good you has fudz for them.


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