Saturday, January 19, 2019


HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday. Winter has decided to be really winter. We got snow, enuf so that mum had to get out and use the snow eating machine. Mum guesses maybe 5-6 inches, hard to tell as it blew around.
 Afore mum went out to move the snow around. It still is sorta snowing lightly, but then again the clouds are breaking up for a bit of sun.
 After pics, mum does not shovel the whole patio once the snow gets deep. Enuf to get to the fevver feeding stuff. Drive is clear, she could go places if she had to, but she says she doesn't need to go anyplace today.
 You can see from the naybors across the street how the blowing moved the snow. Part of the roof bare, the other side, more snow. Me by mum after she came in from snow clearing.
MOL, Now I sort of am in a bit of trouble, although I didn't mean to do this. See I was doing biscuits by mum's head while she was in the sleepy spot. My back paw slipped and caught her lip. Ahhh, sorry mum. There was blood but thankfully mum covered her lip with her hand and it didn't get on the sleepy spot stuff. The top pic is from last night at 12:33 AM! Below is from this AM. Mum cropped the pics so you don't see how icky she looks in the middle of the night with bed head and such! Mum kept the pics really small.
Mum thinks as long as it isn't infected, and it doesn't look infected now, that it should heal up nicely. Guess she can't kiss anybody either, that might hurt.

Have a good weekend everyone, be good. I need to be super nice to mum.


  1. The snow is still falling here; we've got 3-4 inches so far. I was playing with Da Boyz this morning, and their sharp claws leave little scratches on my hands. Hope that lip heals quickly! But she can always brag that a mountain lion bit her...

  2. Yeah, I think that last sentence is really impawtant, Ducky. Like maybe you should've shoveled that snow for her. It would have washed the blood off you paw for one thing. Man, I've never done anything *THIS* bad. I need to show it to the Human right away.

  3. That looks sore, but your mum knows it was an accident.

  4. Ooooh ah. Poor poor mum. That must have given her a bit of a fright - and I bet it stings when she tries to eat and drink. You'll need to give her lots of purr therapy Ducky!

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Good snow-throwing work to yer Mom. And you better hope Mom's lip heals fast.

  6. That doesn't look like too bad of a scratch! I hope it heals fast!

  7. We FINALLY got snow here too! Hoping Mom's lip heals ok, accidents do happen!

  8. Oh, that looks painful. We know it was an accident, Ducky, but we hope you got your mum some chocolate to help heal it!

  9. What does your Human think about that crazy Saints-Rams game, Ducky? Inquiring minds want to know.


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