Thursday, January 17, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Me and mum are having a quiet week. The tree guys came back for a little more work, taking the trunk of the mulberry away. It did sorta scare us as we heard the buzz of the saw, then we heard a crack and felt a big thud. It broke as the were cutting and it was enuf to shake the house when it hit the ground.

Plus they sprayed the last of the stump with something oily. They are still working way down the trail, but all quiet here.
Today's throw back, Derby again, hanging out in a sun puddle with lots of stuffies.

From January 14,2009

Here I Am
Here I am! Just napping and hanging out with the stuffed bears. Close up of yesterday's picture. Mum was looking for me one day and didn't see me at first either. She gets worried if she doesn't know where I am before she leaves for work or being gone a long time.

Mum had an adventure tonight. She got home but before she came inside she cleared the bit of snow off the driveway. Then she came inside and had closed the big door to the metal monster's room. She then went out the back door to fill the birdie feeders. But she got a surprise, she didn't get the door unlocked so she locked herself out of the house! On a evening when it was maybe 5 degrees!

So I didn't see her for a couple of hours, she said she spent it inside at the neighbors chatting and waiting for the man to break her into her own house.

She is back inside and all is well. She says she won't do that again.


  1. I am glad the tree work is finished by you. It is a good job the mulberry was felled because it looks rotten inside.
    It's a good job a neighbour was home when your mum locked herself out back then. Too cold for standing around outdoors!

  2. Mulberry trees are a nuisance, but the berries are so very yummy!

  3. sneekin round iz hard two day… but we due haz time ta say HI ~~~ 🙂 ♥♥ =^..^=

  4. Looks like your mum learns from her experiences - and you do too: YOU wouldn't let your mum go out the back and lock herself out, would you? You'd meow and meow and meow to attract her attention or, if that failed, throw yourself between the closing door and the jamb to stop it from closing.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. It looks like that tree was sick. Fun flashback--Derby's practically invisible! Oh, and our mom's trained herself to carry her keys no matter what she might do outside...she actually locked herself out in the garage shortly after we moved here and destroyed a brand new lockset getting back in.


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