Friday, January 9, 2009

Derby Here, Derby There, Derby Everewhere

Mum is always on the outlook for mentions of Derby, that are not me. Here is a few we have found.
Here is one from a book she was reading, that mentions Derby figures. Mum can't exactly remember the book she was reading at the time. She thinks it was something that some one wrote as a look at what happened after Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' ended.
On Caturday January 3, in the English Soccer, football to my UK furiends, Derby was playing at Forest Green. I wonder if Derby has a good team or not?
This was from a magazine that mum found when she and Grampie went up North last fall. We have a Derby track and a Derby Inn!

It is going to be snowing lots again today, the most we have gotten since Christmouse Eve. Mum has been happy for the break of snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow. Plus next week their are talking about EXTREMELY COLD temperatures. Mum and I need to be prepared to snuggle up really good to stay warm.


  1. You really are everywhere, Derby. I hope you keep warm when it gets really cold out. Maybe you will get snowed in and your Mom will have to stay home with you.

  2. What a neat idea to keep track of mentions:)

    We hope you and your family are ready to wrap up warm and snug for the cold weather. It doesn't sound fun!

  3. Derby is everywhere.
    That is great~!!
    You are always around us~~~

  4. That is a funny idea! Stay warm Derby and mom! Have a good Friday...

  5. Dear Derby,
    We are glad you are so ubiquitous, and we also enjoy saying your name out loud.

    Abby & Stygia

  6. THat is a fun idea!!

    Have a snugglefest this weekend with your mom!!!

    Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  7. Happy Friday Derby!! Stay warm during that cold spell that's on it's way!

  8. oh dear, tell your mom not to push herself too hard in the cold weather

  9. Stay warm Derby. That does not sound like fun at all...

  10. Wow, lots of mentions. Stay warm!

  11. Derby, you are very famous to have so many things named after you!

  12. I'm sorry to tell you, Derby, that Derby does NOT have a good soccer team. In fact, last season they set a new record for scoring the fewest points EVER in the Premiership (top league) and got ignominiously relegated. Since then, they have sacked 2 managers amidst loads of passing the blame. However, having said that, they did have a shock win over Man United in the Carling Cup the other day, so that must have cheered them up a bit!

    Fat Eric (our team, Chelsea, is second in the Premiership at the moment and had a good chance of being champions this season, but they have been having a bit of a wobble over the last few weeks, we fear they may not win after all)

  13. hi Derby!
    we got some freezing rain and now it's snowing. our mom talked o Victor and Nina's mom on facebook today and said they were getting 8" of snow. We hope you aren't getting that much!!!

  14. Doood! A DERBY INN! That means you get to stay there for FREE! Think of the PARTY you could throw there!

  15. Mom likes your mom's idea! She's always noticing "Lux" or "Luxor" things also.

    Derby is a really cool name; we love it!

    P.S. Please stay warm next week!

  16. You should be happy to know that we live on Derby Street! (And the Pooses for Peace Casino Calamari is also on Derby Street.) Our pet human uses the Derby Street Laundry when we puke on the blankets. There is a Derby Wharf close by with a famous tall ship.
    You are one famous poose to have all these things named after you!

  17. Hi Derby! We got 8 inches of snow today! Mom sez it's 8 inches too much!!! And it's suppose to get real cold here too!

    We hope you stay warm and dry and snuggly with you mom!

  18. We hope you manage to stay warm this upcoming week. That is neat that your mom keeps note of when she sees your name.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  19. Yeah, we are allus amazed that we will see a word that means somethin to us and then it suddenly shows up everywhere!

  20. Wow there are lots of Derbys around. Even a football team!

    Thanks for the lovely long comment - exactly how I feel. Nobody can get me when I am on the roof, except the birdies and they don't dare!

    Stay warm and snuggle, Derby and Mom!


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