Friday, January 16, 2009

Farewell Friday

Goodness another Friday and a day when I have to wish my buds God Speed at The Bridge. You are free of the hurts and pains of this world. Romp and play like kittens!
Meep is being help to The Bridge today after a fight with various health issues. He will meet his brofur Buzzerbee there.
Bow at Forty Paws was helped to The Bridge, he wasn't doing furry well and the dr eased him on his way.
PooPoo - JB's little sisfur left us unexpectedly this week. If you haven't been by to leave a kind word, stop by if you can.

I want to give a shout out to Daisy. She was in the voting for the best pet blog against competition that really weren't pet blogs. Daisy you are our 'best in the world' everyday. Mum voted every day both at home and at work but we aren't that into those #$%^@ penguins!
Mum made it home safe and without any issues on Thursday. The metal monster started right up to bring her home from work even after sitting outside all day. Plus she came home, came inside and we just sat on the couch. No locking herself outside in the cold.

So everyone stay warm, the talky picture box guy says it is supposed to get warmer. Woohoo, open windows! Oh, mum says not warm enough to open windows, not just yet. Plus I think it is a holliday weekend, where my prezzie mum?


  1. We are so sad that so many cat friends are going to the bridge. It's a sad Friday.

  2. Oh, no, I didn't know about Meep. I knew that he had congestive heart failure, and I have been dropping by every once in a while, but never saw an update. I will go right over.

  3. I am also very sad about these news.....
    I hope they will be happy at bridge...

  4. It has been another sad week with so many more friends going to the Bridge.

  5. This has been a very sad week Derby. We stopped by and visited Meep this morning.

  6. It was a very sad week. Sigh. I hope it warms up for you Derby. We're plenty warm now...

  7. It has been a sad week to lose so many of our friends.

    Thank you so much for your support. I feel like I am a real winner because of kidn friends like you.

  8. Oopsie, I meant to say "kind" not "kidn"!

  9. Derby,
    Thank you for posting about PooPoo. We are still so sad. WE visited Forty Paws, and we will go find meep's blog and visit.
    Thank you again.

  10. It's getting too darn cold when zero feels like Cancun. -22 overnight here, but warmer so they say tomorrow.
    We will miss our dear friends and are holding them in our hearts today.

  11. So sad that so many furiends are leaving for the bridge. God speed to them all!

  12. We are furry sad abut Meep.

    I am glad your mum did not lock herself out of the house again - that was a funny story!

  13. It has been a sad week, we agree. We are keeping those who have left us in our thoughts.

    Getting locked out of the house in cold weather is no fun.....or even in warmer weather!

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

  14. We've lost too many furiends recently. :-(

    Hope you stay warm, Derby!

  15. It's so sad so many are going over the Bwidge. But I do hope they're happier over there and we'll have many fwiends waiting for us over there when it's our turn!


  16. Goodness ... It's been a week, hasn't it? My purrs an' purrayers to all of the famblies. How terribly sad.

  17. This is such a sad time. First I heard about Meep and have been there to wish him farewell and my condolences to his family, then I heard about Skeezix's friend Kalin, who didn't have a blog but was on Catster. See Skeezix's blog for her very moving farewell letter. At least her name will live on as she helped her Daddy make an important discovery and he named it after her. Now here I learn that Bow and Poo Poo have also gone to the Bridge! My eyes are leaking so much I can hardly type. I'm going now to visit 40 Paws and JB. xxx

  18. Derby, it is really sad that so many furriends have gone to the Bridge lately, sniffs ... :(
    It is really cold here too, in the single digits at times, but is also supposed to warm up this weekend. That is something we are looking forward to! Have a wonderful weekend, furriend!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  19. It truly was a sad week with so many of our community going to the Bridge.

    I'm glad it's supposed to be getting warmer there where you are - I wish I could send some sunshine.

  20. So many pals going to the bridge this week.

    We're glad your Mom came in from the cold!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  21. I am so sad that you lost so many friends this past week going to the bridge. Not a good way to start a new year out. We can only get some comfort in the fact that they will be forever free of illness and or with those that left before them that they have been missing.
    Prayers and well wishes for the families and all of their friends.

  22. Sad that so many kitties have gone to the Birdge, even though I don't know them so well.

    I enjoyed looking for you in that cosy bedroom. I found you quite easily. Bet you can't find me if I were to hide in my SS's messy bedroom.

  23. Hi Derby! I'm glad you are nice and toasty inside with your mom during these cold nights in Wisconsin.

    Thanks to you for your advice about the Grey Cat. My people have been worried about all the cats the Pink People have had. Onyx came over and lived with us for many years til he went to the Bridge. The other cats they have had all were sort of hungry and scratchy - like they just brought them home, didn't feed them very well and didn't pay attention to them much. The Pink People are the world's worst neighbors so you can't really talk to them about the Grey Cat.

    Looks like my People will feed the Grey Cat where I can't see it. That will make me feel better.

    Purrs, Halloween


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