Thursday, July 19, 2018

Garden Thursday

Hi, and we are back for Garden Thursday. Today we are doing a remote report from mum's master gardener project. We last reported on this back in late May. So high time for an update.

 These first few are of the raised bins where they are trying to grow foods, but at first the buns got at it, so they added the netting. Now the deer are eating everything. So, not much success on these.
 The tomato plant is doing well, lots of green ones there, not ready to harvest just yet. Second plant is doing the same. 
 Then we get down to the other end where there are flowers. Mostly purrenials, but lots of them so that they attract pollinators for the food plants to be pollinated.
 Mum said she planted most of these little flowers. Lots of crawling around on her hands and knees and coming home feeling all sore that week.

 A look back at the whole long thing. They were even getting evaluated yesterday. More to make sure that the green papers they are getting is being used for garden stuff and how well is the garden going.

They even put out a guest book. Mum looked, so far no one has written anything in it  yet.
That is all for this week. See you next Thursday.


  1. Good on your mum for getting involved in a community project like this one. The tomatoes sure look like they're doing well and the flowers were well worth her feeling sore for a few days.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Wow, we are impressed! Good for your mum for adding beauty to the world. Too bad about the vegetable plants, though. We suppose those buns and deer must be very hungry.

  3. Here's hoping someone writes some positive notes in the book! Gardening is fun, except for one's knees, back, etc....

  4. What a pretty garden ! But the deers seem to be very hungry ! Purrs

  5. Very impressive and love all the colors!


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