Thursday, February 1, 2018

Throw Back Thursday

HiYa, Ducky here. Happy February! We had an OK January, a bit of snow but not a lot. Cold but then it got purry nice. When we did get snow the warms came to melt it so not much snow outside.

Mum has been reading lots as usual. She finished 8 books during the month, so about her pace from last year. One book about every 4 days.
 Some of you asked why mum was wearing a lamp shade the other week. She wasn't actually wearing it, just that the lamp sits just behind the couch. I don't think mum parties enuf to get a lamp shade on. But she did accept an invite to another 50th purrthday party for a couple she knows who have purrthdays this month. The cool thing is that the party is actually on mum's purrthday!

So for our flashback this week. Derby just hanging out in sun puddles in the front window.

Funky Fang Shui Friday from Friday February 1, 2008.

Shadow cat are auspicious on sunny days. Beware of shadow cat on cloudy days. It has been sunny but cold, now it is cloudy and snowy. How about a birdie for Fevver Friday! Here is a Red-bellied woodpecker who stopped by recently. No mum does not eat my treats and I don't eat hers. I only like her stuff when it is ham, chick-hen, beef, fish, tuna and stuff like that. But mum keeps my treats by the couch as that is when she gives me a treat or two while we watch the tv or mum reads a book, or we check out what my furiends are doing.

Otherwise, it has been sort of nothing really big happening. Just hanging out, waiting for the weekend to get here. Oh wait, if its Friday that means the weekend.


  1. MOL, your human really does look like she is wearing a lampshade!

  2. You now what, Ducky? We had a sunpuddle. It lasted a few minutes, and now it's raining again!#1 managed to get a couple of photos, but that was that. She was just getting ready to take Tommy out and she saw the dark clouds and heard the rain.

    That lampshade photo is funny!

    The Chans

  3. Your mom has got a fast reading pace! Does she use to track her books...I've been using it, and find it's easier than a spreadsheet! LOL!

  4. dood !!!! it does look like mumz wearin a lamp shade !!! ♥♥♥☺☺☺ partee on mum ~~ ☺☺

  5. I'm with the Tabbies - party hard mum!

    Sydney, Australia

  6. I am sorry but thinking of your Mama partying with a lampshade on her head made me laugh! LOVED seeing her peeking out too! xoxo

  7. Our mom used to read a lot--now she listens to books online via the library. And who says you have to party to wear a lampshade?

  8. TBT ate one of our kibbles once. He said it was "OK". But WE love them...

  9. That photo really does look like your mum is wearing that lampshade! Here, January was quite mild with a few cold days, but very wet.
    I always like seeing Flashbacks of Derby.

  10. We're jealous of your sunpuddle, but not for too long because you mentioned treats. And you listed all the best kinds! Have a warm and toasty weekend!


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