Thursday, February 22, 2018

Throw Back Thursday

OK, we made it through all of the rain, then it got cold, so those big puddles are now small skating rinks. Our back yard isn't too bad, mum only has to get to the fevver feeders and right now there isn't even any snow out there. Mum did have to refill some of the feeders, the other one she had to break up the seed. The sunflower seeds get wet, then they freeze, so mum had to break it up so the fevvers could eat the stuff.
 Getting some loves from mum. Our usual afternoon spot in the reading chair, me on her lap. Plus mum got a box from the major online store. Look what was on the flap of the box! A cat face. Guess this is a mask you can cut out and draw on. Guess this is for little sticky things.
So what was Derby up to 10 years ago, well he was looking out the window! We cats love to sit in windows and look outside.

Funky Fang Shui Friday from February 22, 2008

Birdies nearby can cause excitement. Do not jump out of windows, which can cause injury.
This will work for Fevver Friday too. You can't see the type of birdie very well. Mum thinks it looks like a goldfinch. Obviously this picture was taken last summer when it was nice and the windows were open!

It has been a good week. Cold but very little snow which mum is happy about and sunshine too. Plus we could see the eclipse of the moon last night or part of it. Mum had to be on the phone with the other side of the world last night.

My trash pickings are slim from the other day and other times too. Mum doesn't put much in them, like tissues or paper rolls. Otherwise they are pretty slim pickings.

Otherwise, Happy FRIDAY!!!


  1. I'm thinking that your mum could cut that cat mask out of the box, leaving a nice little cat-face shaped hole. Then you could get in the box and put your face through the hole!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. We get Amazon lots and so far, I haven't seen one of those masks. Bummer!

  3. Did not realize that the birdseed would freeze, or get stuck together like that. I would LURV to feed the birds, but with The POM and Sweetie around, it just doesn't seem I don't.

  4. Derby was very interested in the fevvers!
    We have had 2 dry days in a row, and it is forecast to stay dry for at least the next week.Our temperature is set to plummet well below freezing at the same time. It will be a shock after the mostly mild winter so far.


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