Friday, January 6, 2006

A Little Sun

We gotted a little bit of sun. Not much to work on my fur tan, but still welcomed. Mum said it came at a good time, she was driving to work and it was right in her face. Wonderful. But since it wasn't a totally sunny day, more sunny pictures.

Plus mum gotted home early from work, since they worked long and late finishing 2005. Someone wondered about where the year goes. I think mum has something to do with closing it for good and locking it away. So this means a nice quiet evening AND she is home all weekend too. Bonus play time.


  1. Bonus play time! Yay! You're lucky, Derby. Grandma's already gone to sleep and Mommy keeps running around back and forth to the bathroom. Maybe Grandma or Mommy will play tomorrow tho. :) I hope you have lotsa fun with your mommy.

  2. Bonus play time is always great! Thanks for visiting our blog and we added you to our links. Have fun with your mom this weekend!

    The Monsters

  3. Hey - Derby, we have sun down here but Mom said that Alabama is a long way from Wisconsin... Hmmm... wonder how we can share the sun through the computers? will have to think on it.

  4. We started today without no sun, but it finally came out of hiding about an hour ago. Now, we can really warm up!

    (And, thank you for visiting our blog. It's much appreciated. Can we trade links???)


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