Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fresh Air

When mum gotted home and was taking out the trash for the guys in the morning, I wanted out. So mum picked me up and took me outside for a few minutes. We breathed the fresh evening air and looked at the stars. Mum was pointing out thingys she calls con-stel-a-shuns. She said the bested one is Orion. It is big and you can see it really easy. It is cool out, but with my fur coat I felt just fine.

Ok, this is mum watching me do my hocky practice, and well, my heart just isn't into practicing.
I just want to try to get a little water from the faucet.
So I didn't last long and jump out as soon as I could.
So I have decided on a career change. I am going to be the hockey reporter. Since I gotted lots of good comments on my interviewing skills when I talked to mum on question day. So I will work on a report for the blog.


  1. Great idea, Derby!

  2. Yeah, I think that's better. Doesn't the tub usually mean bathtime anyway? Sounds like this hockey thing may be a ploy.

  3. Derby you would be a great reporter! You know all the moves.

    Sometimes the tub gets boring, we know...our mom puts toys in it...we will post a picture soon!

    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South


  4. Derby

    *wow a cat reporter. That sounds excitin'! I bet you would be really good at that.

    But what's hockey?


  5. You would make a great reporter, Derby!

    Your first story should be how I'm abstaining from playing tub hockey this season due to a violent case of "Chronic Feline Lazynitis" or "Cat Nap Syndrome," as it's known on the streets.

  6. If we could ever get any praktice time, we might decide we like tub hockey. Mommy keeps the bafroom door closed all day 'acause Sammy will spread the tp all over the house. So the only time we can praktice is at night- and SHE'S allays in it wif the bubbles.

  7. Great idea, we need a porter, we am cheerleading you know.

    Oh, and about the nap a thon at mine house....
    tomorrow Mom is giving directions on how to get to our nap a thon, easy, fast, and nobody will know you am gone.

  8. Wow, Derby, I think you'll be a good reporter. How high can you count for scores? I can count my 4 paws and tail, but then I hafta lick my tail and forgets to keep counting.

  9. I'm disappointed, Derby. I think you should have tried harder before giving up. But if your heart is set on reporting instead of playing, I'll get over it. Eventually. After we WIN.

  10. Oh Derby - thanks for giving us treats on Catster. Of course, they're calorie free - the best kind!

  11. Did you know that when you look at the stars in America, you will see the same stars that we are looking at here in Italy? It helps us to feel less homesick when we are missing our friends, thinking that they are looking into the same night sky. Our mom taught us that trick! The next time you see Orion, think of us looking at him too!
    Opus and Roscoe


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