Friday, January 13, 2006

Thank Goodness Friday is OVER

OK, mum finally has the 'puter working properly. The issues she was having with her work 'puter then started with the home 'puter. We tried to read blogs last night and it took ages to get anything to happen. So she gave up and went to bed.

So today she checked all of the connections and plugs. Seems the power plug wasn't fully in the wall. Hey not my fault. Or was it? Anyway fixed and we can get at our blog to post. And everyone else's to read.

My first surprise today was that mum came home extra early. So I was getting my coming home scritches, but then mum went and got out the carrier. Since I don't mind the carrier I went in, but then she closed the door on me. Well ok, but then takes me outside and putted me in the car. And you guys can probably guess where we ended up. Yup, the V-E-T.

Now you ask, why? Me too. Seems mum was or is worried about my front left foot. Last night I walked up, stopped, sat down and then raised my left front paw. Or everytime I stopped walking I would raise that paw. I didn't limp, but every time I got off my four feet, she thought I acted funny with my foot. Plus she saw what she calls a big scab on one of my pads. So she was worried that I had hurted myself.

So we get to the office and I was the only one there, but then the room opened and a woofie came out. He was OK until he stuck his ugly head right at my carrier and he gotted a good hiss. So then when the VET wanted to look at me I really didn't want to come out of the carrier. I was making all sorts of rude noises but they got me out and they looked at all my paws, felt my legs. But the VET didn't find anything obvious wrong. But he gave me a shot what he call an an-al-gesic to make my foot feel better. But mum is still seeing me raise my paw. He thinks I might have hurted myself with all of my jumping. I like jumping and will continue to do so. Although mum says she has a bad ankle so now we can match.

The only nice thing to know is that I have only gained 6 ounces since moving in with mum. The VET said that was very good.

Then I figure once we get home I would get some extra lovin'. But no. The phone rings and mum leaves to go out to dinner. Leaving me to nurse myself. Hey, don't you think you shoulda stayed home with your poor little kitty?

So she gotted home and I have chosen to ignore her this evening. I have done my napping in the other room. I did get some treats but as soon as she stopped handing them out, I go away.

But there is someone who needs human VET help and that is Scooby, Shaggy & Scouts mum. Seems she broked her ankle tripping over Shaggy. Not his fault, that is his story and he is sticking to it. So purrayers and sandpaper kisses to her, get better.


  1. How awful that you had to go to the VET. And yes, the mom should have stayed home to cuddle and kiss you all night. how rude.

  2. VET = ACK! I agree too. Mommy shoulda stayed home to comfort you. I hope your hurty foot is ok. Don't blame you for not stoppin jumpin tho. It's too much fun.

  3. Humans deserve the cold shoulder for taking us to the VET, especially when there's nothing wrong. I make sure they all know how I feel about it. And I don't watch my language. Why should I? They're only humans.

  4. I wented to the vet once and it was kinda fun, cept for the woofie that was panting at me. I hissed him good. The nice vet lady had something like a glass pencil and when she poked it at me, we played with it. The part I didn't like was when that pencil bit my leg and took blood. The vet said I'm a keeper, but she didn't keep me, Mom did.


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