Wednesday, January 11, 2006

At Last

Mum has finally let me at the 'puter. She has been busy working on it to make sure it doesn't get bugs. You mean Mum could give her cold to the 'puter? Plus lots of my blogging buddies mums and dad's have bugs too. Guess it is good to be protected.

Plus mum was trying to get her work 'puter to work, or at least get on the correct network. She hadded to try to make contact with Japan. But the silly think wouldn't work for her. She kept trying and I kept saying it is a sign. You can get on the net, then you don't gotta work tonight. Right?

Plus I came across a funny link on Eponine's Cowboys log. It was David Letterman's Top Ten Signs Your Kitty Is A Genius.

Ok, mum is bugging me to get off the 'puter. She wants to try to get Japan one more time. Bye.


  1. Our moms computer crashed last night. maybe its a bad week for machines. Dad knew what to do. He had to nrun virus scans & all kinds of stuff
    then finally had to re-install all the software & update it and it ran fine. Took hours and mom was going crazy without it. She is addicted sooooo bad!

  2. Maybe your mom is trying to get you some sushi!

  3. What is in Japan? says that is far across the big waters.....I don't like waters!!

  4. Ciao Derby!
    Thank you for your littl note about Opus and Roscoe. I have to say, they have been very lazy cats over the holidays. I will kick them out of bed and get them on computer ASAP.

    Hope all is well with you!
    PS. Thanks for the Colts updates!

  5. Hello Derby! Thanks for thinking about us. Our mom thinks we have been lazy, but we were really just on an adventure!

    Wishing you a belated happy new year.
    Opus and Roscoe
    By the way, we love your picture in the title! It looks great!

  6. Derby,
    we have a friend who works with Japan, but he has to go there a lot. (In fact, he's there now!) At first he thought this was cool and fun, but now he would rather not, thanks. Something about flying for 17 hours one way... and leaving his pup Sabra. We're sure glad your mum doesn't have to go there and hope she can get her Japan work done soon so you can blog more! luv, Turtle, Moose and Nala

  7. How does your Mom fit thru the puter to get to Japan??? My Mommy would never fit in the puter no matter what. Or is she trying to get the Japan thing thru the puter? Beans are weird.
    I like Eponine's Cowboys link to that list too. He's a smart cowboy to find that. I gotta teach Mommy to be that smart. *sigh* More training needed.

  8. Well, ALL kitties are geniuses, aren't we!


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