Friday, January 13, 2006

Cat Burgler?

Mum found this in our local paper. She laughed very hard. So she tooked it to work and made it big enough to get a picture of it. She didn't want anyone to think we make this up.

Plus, we had a wonderful sunny day on Thursday. Maybe our long stretch of really gloomy days is over. Plus we gotted warm temperaturs. Mum says it was near 50. It's JANUARY, not April. She say our luck in April we will get January weather. I hope not.


  1. Oh my gosh, why would you call the police if a poodie got in the house? Well, maybe, it was a Lion poodie, how that I can understand.

  2. Good thing it specified "long-haired," or you and I could have been suspects, Derby!

    The owners of the houses I've busted into must not have reported the incidences...

  3. Mom woulda kept him not called the cops. Obviously that kitty wanted to live with that old lady. We are having a January thaw too.

  4. Did you see the one about the Michigan cat that shot its owner? The stoopid human left a gun on the kitchen counter and the cat knocked it down... and it went off... and hit the human in the behind.

  5. Maybe he'd had too much catnip and accidentally went into the wrong house? I've heard of rowdy kitties who might do that, and it *was* Mew Years. Musta scared that lady pretty bad!


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