Sunday, January 22, 2006

Inquiring Minds

Sanjee found out that today, Sunday, January 22, 2006 is Answer Your Cat's Question Day. So I gotted into my best reporters pose and set out to ask mum some questions.

Derby: First, thank you for taking time from your busy day to sit down with me.

Derby’s Mum: My pleasure.

D: Is it true about the rumors of you and Brad Pitt?

DM: Are there rumors about me and Brad Pitt? I have never met him, so I would have no idea of anything that would be happening between us.

D: So do you have any involvement with any Hollywood celebrity types?

DM: No, you are the most famous creature I know. You even have your own blog. A blog that gets read world-wide.

D: (blushing) Why, thank you.

D: When you moved into this house, were you thinking of how cat friendly it was?

DM: No, but it has turned out to be a very cat friendly house. You have lots of windows to look out from, places to explore in, what you call the dungeon, stairs to race up and down. I am happy to share the house with you.

D: So what made you decide to adopt a cat and what specifically did you see in me that fulfilled those criteria?

DM: I had wanted a pet for some time. The house here also has a nice fenced yard for a dog. However my work hours are not compatible with a dog. So that meant a cat. Plus cats are more interesting than dogs, if you want to “cat watch”.
A cat can adapt and be OK if I don’t get home right away from work, or need to be gone for a quick overnight trip.

What specifically about you. I liked your coloring, most of the rest of the kitties were brown/grey tabbies, you interacted with me both when you were in your cage and when they brought you to the little play room. Plus, you did some talking to me as well. I also liked the fact that you were declawed. I know some people don't like that, but based upon how you like to test your front paws, my furniture would be in shreds.

Lastly, after I actually brought you home and you met Grampie, he said you reminded him of my first cat that I had many years ago. A yellow tom cat.

D: Ok, hey wait… I am not your first kitty?

DM: Correct, I was a very little girl at the time and…


DM: Derby, don’t be unreasonable, lots of the kitty bloggers have had other brothers and sisters. Those who have come and gone before.

D: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (runs off and sulks)

DM: (sighs) Guess I will have to explain later.


  1. Great interview Derby. If you don't join up with a team for tub hockey, you could report on the game and do play-by-play.

  2. Derby, are you still sulking? Aw it's ok. Kitties who came before just prepped the staff. *kitty nods* Staff almost always needs prepping. And then they still need training! Gotta get them straight n all. Beans -- they're somefin. Gotta love those staff tho, or they get all sad and stuff.

  3. Hey Derby, Sanjee is right. If there was other kitties before you, it just means that your bean
    has already been trained some to make it easier for you. And she has a verry big heart with lots of room to love all cats.

    Finny & Buddy

  4. Derby, you're a natural. Are you going on the talk show circuit? (Maybe you shouldn't interview Mom, though - youo appear a little too emotionally involved...)


  5. That was a very good interview!

    I think I agree with Sanjee and F&B's advice. At least I hope I'm better prepared and trained. I think I am!

  6. You are quite the journalist, Derby! If you ever want to do a CELEBRITY interview, I would be more than happy to participate. After all, I have dated Brad Pitt...


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