Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Where is My Sunshine?


Where is my sunshine, My only sunshine. You make me happy, But skies are grey.
If you don't shine bright, and shine on my back. I will get more moody each day. (sigh)

According to the official guy on TV, we have had one hour, just one hour, of sunshine in the past 12 days. I vote to bring summer back real soon. Even with lots of lights on in the house, it just isn't the same.

So a few more pictures from last summer when things were nice out.

I hadded comments on my perches, mum says the catalogs call them "pet shelves". She gotted them by mail order. We have two of them. She didded a search on "pet shelves" and gotted at least one spot to order them. Plus she gotted a catalog in the mail today with the same thing. Unless I get an endorsement deal I won't push any one vendor.

I really do like them. Between the two shelves and the furniture I can look out of every window in my house, except one. That is in the bathroom and mum says it has frosting on it so you can't see out (or in!). Looks like vanilla frosting.

Yes I do love my perch in yesterdays picture. I can sit on it and watch the birdies outside or turn and jump on mum in bed. So I can get lots of jumping practice from the bed to the shelf and back again.


  1. i know, what is it with the missing sun? my Mom read that we've had 14 MINUTES of sun here in the mitten state.

  2. Derby - I lived in State College PA for a couple of years - so I know what going days and days with no sun is like. Yuck! We've had it very dry down here in TX... how 'bout I try to work a deal where you get more sun and we get a little rain? (Thanks for the pet shelves info, btw.)

  3. You're so lucky to have nice windows. We don't like the ones we have, they're icky and high and have sills about an inch wide. Really the only ones we can sit in is the kitchen bird window and the one where Mom put up a real shelf just for me. We have one of those frosting windows in the bathrooms, too, not that we could get into them either.

    Speaking of windows, tell your mom that she's the best for giving my mom all that info on helping my doves from flying into the storm door. She's going to take care of it this weekend and I'm going to help!

  4. Those sunny pictures are great. They help us to not forget warmer days.Of course Scout is all confused 'cause he doesn't know about seasons yet. You look so darn comfy on your perches!

  5. oh oh oh. Using Mom as a launching pad to the window, and a landing pad is the BESTEST.

  6. I love how you lie next to your shelf with your leg outstretched.

    That little bit of defiance is why I adore you so, Derby! "I see you want me to lie on that shelf. We'll see about that!"

    You rebel...

  7. I missed the sun so much! It camed out today and maked me all warm :) I hopes it comes out by you too Derby!

  8. Derby, I love your song. I wish we had a shelf like yours. Our windows slide sideways and there's no room. Bonnie says in the summer, the people open the windows, but we still have tracks to sit on. Are those footprints or train tracks?

    My mom says we cats are hybrids, solar and food powered. She said if we run out of solar power, we kitties will be burning more of the expensive, other fuel and it's dirtier and makes more waste. All's I know is, I want some SUN! - Victor

  9. We don't have a shelf, but we lay in the window like you are. Our windows can fit 2 of us nicely but in nice weather, Mom opens enough windows for us all.

  10. I looked at the picture of you looking out the window and scratched your neck with my computer mouse.


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