Saturday, January 7, 2006

Oopps, Sorry Mum

Well mum was moving things back to where they were before Christmas. So she moved this plant back and then watered it. So I thoughted it would be fun to play with the water in the bottom and then, well, hmmmm. What can I say, I didn't know my own strength and tipped the whole thing over.

So mum had to get out the little sucking machine that she uses to clean up any of my whoopsies. So things are looking OK again. Although I have to admit that the plant doesn't look that great. I run by it all the time and the leaves just fall off as I go by. (MUM: Maybe it is because you run by, over, through it, that it loses its leaves?)

After mum finished cleaning this up she gotted busy and made a big pot of soup. Seems she and Grampie both gotted colds at the same time this past week. So the soup with help them getted better. They think they got this over Christmas. A cold is not a nice thing to give for Christmas, so it musta not been a very nice person who did this.

posted a picture on one of his friends showing him touching his nose with his tongue. Yeah I can do that too. I have proof in pictures. Can you other kitties to this too? Ya gotta post a picture to prove it.
Oh, and mum wanted me to share a photo someone at work sent her. Yikes, I don't wanna be this kittie. DUCK, RUN, NOW!


  1. I always supervise the watering of plants in our house. And if they leave flowers on the table in water, I'm responsible for spilling it. That's my job.

  2. Yes I can touch my nose with my tongue and have a picture to prove it. It will be posted tomorrow for you to see!!!

  3. bad, bad plant for gettin' in your way! it derserved to fall over

  4. I hope your mum and grampie are feeling better. My mama was sick too at Chrismuss. She hadded a fever and sneezies and her voice went away somewhere. But I tooked good care of her .

  5. Derby,
    You are a very busy dude. Mom's a failure with plants so we don't have many.

  6. The same thing happens to plants in our house. It's amazing how the leaves just fall off all by themselves!!

  7. I don't have a chance to knock down plants. Curiosa kills them first.


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