Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday - Snow Day

Ahhhh. Nice quiet day. Mum and I again hadded lots of play time. We even hadded a nap together and when we woked up this afternoon, it was snowing. I don't mind snow, I just sits and watches it from inside.

Earlier I supervised her while she was doing some cooking. Plus when she was washing up I gotted to play in the sink with the water running.

To answer a few issues that have come up. Yes, I do let my mum sleep in, now and then. But it is rare that she doesn't have to get up on weekdays, so I was doing my duty to make sure she woked up. It is rare that she isn't up by 7 AM even on weekends, but even when she sleeps in she normally gets up by 7:30 AM. She says she likes getting up after the sun rises in the winter. Plus I didn't need food, as there was crunchies for me to eat.

Back when mum first 'dopted me I did have to wake her to feed me. She would put out crunchies at 7 AM and again 7 PM. I never seemed to finish my daytime share, but always ate the overnight ration and the serving sizes were equal. So since I had finished my overnight food early, the I would wake her up. Usually by jumping from the window onto the bed and landing on her feet. I would keep doing this and making lots of hungary meows, until she got up. But she then adjusted my feeding times to 7 AM and 10 PM and the food balances out better. I don't get hungary and mum doesn't get woked up really early.

William mentioned that it takes him a long time to read all of the many blogs that we have now. Poor kitty as he has to connect by dial-up. Mum does have high speed connection, as she needs this so she can work from home. But the one thing that she says helps save time is that she uses Mozilla Firefox. This is a browser (free, downloadable) that allows you to open all of your bookmarks in a folder all at one time. Then you can move quickly to each new site tabbing through the sites. Plus mum likes not making Mr. Gates a bigger gazillionaire.

OK, mum looks like she is heading for the kitchen. Maybe I can get me some goodies.


  1. Yes, by all means follow Mum into the kitchen. You never know if it might mean nice stinky food to eat!

    And cable is the way to go for blogging. Fur Shure!

  2. Derby Dude!
    Thats a nice perch you have above the sink! You can keep an eye on 2 rooms at once! We have a window above our sink and no ledge to sit on. Mom wants to know how to open all the tab at once on Firefox. Can your mom email her at
    She says thanks for the clue. She's actually pretty clueless abut a lot of computer stuff.

  3. I hope you got some goodies, Derby. That is a really fine perch you got there. I would ask Grandma to make us one, but it would just look at the back of the tapestry thingy in the living room. I know Grandma would take that down cuz she loves it. No use asking Mom cuz she never goes in the kitchen except to open a can or nucleate something.

  4. There are lotsa kitty blogs now aren't there? I got my tail all bent last night cause our internet connection went down and I couldn't read 'em all. Maybe the kitties on dialup could read half one day and the other half the next. One day and you don't miss too much...

  5. dialup stinks, you gotta go the DSL way! that is a way cool perch, it's very handy for bein' right in the middle of stuff.

  6. My human uses Firefox too. I tried to watch him once when I was on his lap, but he always has 5 or 6 tabs open, and I just closed my eyes again. As long as he keeps petting me, he can surf however he likes.

    And my brother Kelly always manages to eat all his food before morning no matter how much gets poured out the night before. He jumped on daddy at 4:15 this morning and daddy threw a pillow at him. (Silly daddy)

  7. Lucky you - we are stuck with dialup as DSL and cable are not available where we live. Mom yells at the computer a lot when she works from home cause the connection is slow (she looks at puters for money to keep us in toys, treats & food)

  8. This is furry funny.....I jumped on mine Dad at 2:00 this AM morning! I woked him up, no reason, just because.

    Mine Mom says it takes her a long long time to read the blogs too cuz her iz on dial-up and probably always will be cuz we live in The Big Piney Woods, away from towns.

  9. My people all spends lotsa time in front of the puters, but I don't mind 'cause with 3 puters, 3 people, and 2 kitties, it's a cozy warm room. We gots DSL that's almost as fast as me.
    Regarding tub hockey, I'm a rookie, too. I tested a soft crinkle ball and a milk ring, but I don't really *like* playing *in* the tub.

  10. I make my woman read kitty blogs to us until her head hurts, we're hungry, or she thinks she has to be elsewhere.

    Derby, if you'd seen Victor trying to play tub hockey, you wouldn't worry about your skill level. I may have to bench him if he doesn't improve. Have you been practicing? As coach, I insist you practice. While I nap... i mean, imagine winning strategies.

  11. Nothing tastes quite so good as water fresh from the tap!


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