Saturday, January 14, 2006

Make-up Saturday

Well mum has been around most of the day. I have gotten my fair share of scritches, treats and play time. So I guess I will let yesterday go as a one-off occurence. But don't let it happen again. You take me to the VET, you better stay home and be there for me.

Victor Tabbycat and I have come across some new bloggers from North Carolina. So drop by Finnegan & Buddy at 2Carolina Cats. Let's give them a big welcome.

I did get to work on my fur tan since we hadded a wonderful sunny day.
Mum putted one of my pictures in a frame she got for Christmas. Purrrty.
Plus when I wanted to nap she left me alone, so I curled up on her bed and hadded a loooong nap this afternoon. I even did some new exploring once I was rested.

Mum was in the dungeon and I joined her. I jumped from the floor to the laundry table, to the top of some shelves, then to the top of the furnace air duct, to sit on top of the steel beam that runs the length of the house. Mum doesn't clean up there. So I gots lots of spidey webs in my face whiskers. Mum was helpful once I got down and cleaned me up. No photo evidence. I didn't stay there long.

Derby's Mum:
Still not sure about his paw. Wednesday evening he was in the kitchen and all I heard was noise and him flying through the window between the kitchen and dining room. I know he came through that window quickly as I have a small wind chime there and it was jingling pretty good. I didn't see any of this only heard the noise. All I could think of was that he had stepped on the ceramic stove top which was still warm. But he didn't appear hurt or act any differently than normal. At least not on Wednesday evening.

However, Thursday evening every time he stopped, he would lift his left front paw off the floor. EVERY TIME. He was not limping when he walked, and he would run and jump like normal. If he had done this once or twice, I would have thought it cute. But the paw lifting went on all Thursday night and again Friday morning. Like he had to get his weight off that paw. So I managed to get him to hold still long enough to get a look at that paw and noticed a small abrasion/scabby area on one of the smaller pad areas. So I erred on being cautious, being a newer cat mum, and took him in. Vet gave him a shot of anti-inflammatory stuff and antibiotics pills for me to give him for the next week. Today he is walking as normal, but is still occasionally lifting the paw.

Vet thinks he could have strained something, but hard to say. Has anyone every had this happen with their cats? Many thanks for any feedback.


  1. Maybe the stove top was still warm enough to burn? That could definitely cause an abrasion by the next day, as well as paw tenderness. Poor little guy - I hope he's better soon.

    What a cute photo frame - Derby is very photogenic. (I'm sure he already knows that.)

  2. Hey Derby,
    You are a handsome sunbather...take care of those toes.

    Tip to Deby's mom, my cats like to walk across the stovetop. I usually have all the burners covered with metal covers. After I use a burner, I set a tea pot with water in it on the hot/warm burner, to allow the burner to cool down and prevent any kitty from walking across. I hope this helps.

    Glad Derby saw his kitty doctor. I have also had a cat strain his front paw, from jumping down and landing funny on his leg. Tannie did this once and is now fine.

    All our best to Sir Derby!

    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

  3. Hi Derby!

    Thanks for coming by our new blog!! Me and Buddy have been visiting your blog and lots of the other cats' blogs too for a couple of months, but it took a while for us to be able to set ours up. We're really excited to have one and telling everycat about life in North Carolina. We like hearing about all you other cats' adventures.


  4. hi Derby, hope your paw feels better!!

    note from Edsel's Mom - when Edsel was a kitten, he got some weird condition on two of his feet where he got a rash that scabbed over and it hurt when he walked. he got a cortisone shot and was fine after that. Derby will probably be just fine in a couple of days. it's good you checked it out, though. keep us posted.

  5. Tammara & Lyn,
    Yes I try to keep something on the burners after I am done too. But because I sort of heard a crash, if he could have slipped? Move the kettle just enough to catch a pad?? But I have stood there and monitored him at times when the stove top is hot. He is very curious, hot baking sheet out of the oven too. He seems rather fearless.

    He has been camped out next to me tonight. I have been able to gently but firmly manipulate the paw and he didn't wake up. If it was really tender, I am sure I would have teeth marks on my hand.

    Edsel's Mom - no rash, other than the one scabby spot the rest of his pads all look the same.

    Ah yes, the joys of pet ownership. My Dad thought I was being overly cautious, but I would rather have something checked out early. I spend to many years in human health care seeing patients who ignored things. At which point they were much sicker and harder to cure.

  6. Derby's Mom, my Mom says that you're a very good kitty momma to get his paw checked early insteada waitin, in case it was something big. Sounds like he just got a lil booboo, though. Yippee for lil insteada big!

    Derby, Hope your paw is all better soon. Your pictures are very handsome. And that frame is real cute. A cat in a cat frame! teehee

  7. Mine Mom wonders if you didn't get a burn burn on your toe. Sometimes I hold mine paw up, just to be cute though. I luves that picher frame! Take care of dat paw......Purrs.....

  8. I hope your paw is getting better. You better be careful. Keep us posted.

    Love that picture frame, by the way. And the picture being held is pretty good too.

  9. Your pictor frame cat looks like you! Sorry your paw hurts. I ran into a furniture corner and left a tuft of white hair. I have a small bald spot, but it didn't hurt much. Isn't it great to have the sun back? Mom says I have more energy now that I've charged my batteries.

  10. Ah, sunshine. Nothin better. I hold a paw up sometimes, but that's cause I'm declawed in front and land hard. Or I'm ready to whack someone. See if you can get extra treats for sympathy, but don't get taken to the vet again.

  11. Wow! I haven't had this happen to me, but I heard there is a play that was written called, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Maybe that tells a similar story?

    Brach and I are sending you healing vibes...

  12. Is he digging deep in his box? Could be an irritation.

    What a nice mama he gots!


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