Sunday, January 8, 2006

More Blog Changes

Mum finished reading up her pile of books from the library and figured out how to do the rest of the changes to the blog. I think the colors are better for showing me off, if I do say so myself. The blue shows me better than the green. She tried lots of colors to make sure they looked good together and made me look good too. Great job mum.
We had a bit of sun this morning. Maybe an hour or so. But mum and I took advanatage of it, I camped out on my perch in the front window and mum was on the couch by the windows too. It gotted so bright mum was squinting.

We hadded all sorts of excitement yesterday. Some guys were working across the street with big noisy machines. They maded two big trees come down, really fast. So mum says that when it gets to be sunny first thing in the morning, we will get more sun.

But since we haven't had much sun I am camping out directly under the lamp. Mum usually is sitting right in front of me. That way I can keep an eye on her.


  1. we had real sun today and it was sooooo nice. i slept in it all afternoon. your blog is looking quite nice, tell your Mum.

  2. A little sun here this morning, then more snow came. Your blog & colors look very nice and compliment you fur beautifully! our mom is a computer dummy. She doesn;t even know how to make links! ::rolls eyes::

  3. Hey Derby - thanks for stopping by my blog. We would LOVE a cool day here. Do you know it was 43 C the other day (that is 109.4 F). And - my Mum and I have never seen snow - ever! We have a big drought here and have permanent water restrictions so Mum can't leave the tap running for me or anything. I might have to come visit you I think.

  4. No sun for us. But, we love to lamp bathe too.

  5. I like the new colors (and the new header).

    I miss the sun, too.

  6. Hi Derby

    We like your blog changes. Of course, a handsome guy like you would look good in any color.

    Our Mom can't figure out how to change the header on our blog to make it special for us.

  7. The blog's looking good, and photos of a handsome fellow like yourself are always nice to see here!

  8. I guess we am the only two cats that can touch our noses, Derby!

  9. You are a handsome kitty no matter what!

    We like to sleep on the top of the couch too.

    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South!


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