Monday, January 9, 2006

Moonshine Tonight

No, not the type you drink. But that big thing that makes it bright outside at night. The clouds have gone away. I hope they stay away so we gets sun tomorrow.

The Meezers said that the company that has the bad dog food might also have bad cat food. It isn't a main stream brand and not sold all over the United States.

Otherwise it is a nice quiet evening. Mum is just watching the big box with moving pictures.


  1. Oh dear...we sawed that on the talking box. I hopes that not too many poodins or doggies eat that shtuff. I'm stickin' with Iams.

  2. Timmy and other Iams eaters - You guys might want to check out this site - it made us stop buying from them: Turtle, Nala and Moose aren't very fond of doggies, but they sure don't want stuff like this to happen to them!

    Derby - I'm so glad the sun is returning for you! We still have it in TX, though If you see any rain please send it on down.

  3. Hi Derby. Thanks for commenting on my blog. That is nice of you to warn everyone out there about potential food problems. I'm a Science Diet kitty so fortunately we don't have to worry about it this time. Hey did you know I can touch my nose with my tongue too???

  4. Derby, mom watches that stoopid talking picture box a lot. I get on her lap and try to watch it, but it puts me right into a nap.


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