Monday, January 23, 2006

The Cats Who Came Before

Mum has given me my space today. When I would come out for a minute to grab a few bites, she would gently ask me if I was ready to listen to the story. So finally I agreed and she filled me in on the kitty she had when she was a little girl. Under the age of 6.

At that time the family lived in the country and all of the cats lived outside and stayed in the barn.

They did not get to be in the house and cuddle with her. They could only come as far as the back porch to eat. So they had one boy cat, Tom, who was considered my mum’s. But she said he was wild and that he was not easy to play with. Also a girl cat who had a bad back leg and limped. Plus now and then they would have baby kitties.

But when they moved to the city the kitties were left with a nearby farmer. So ever since then mum has wanted to get a new kitty and I was the one she chose. =^_^= I guess I am lucky that she picked me and that I don’t have to live outside. I like the snuggles I get from my mum.

Mum even wented to the dungeon and found a few pictures of her and some of the kitties from way back when. Since old Tom wasn't a really friendly cat, she doesn't have any pictures with him. Wasn't my mum such a cute little girl?

I guess I feel better now. It was just the surprise of finding out that I was not her first kitty. (Sigh). I still love you mum.
Mum with Uncle Stormie and the momma cat. Mum wanted to pet her.
Mum and one of the various kitties that was there. Since Tom wouldn't play with her, she doesn't have a picture with him.
Stormie, Flip and mum with kitties and buns. Mum says Uncle Flip raised the buns and gotted blue ribbons with them at the fair.


  1. Awww those are nice pictures. Your momma has always loved cats. Ours had an all white one with green eyes when she was little. She still misses him.

  2. How cute! Your mom was a cat mom in training when she was little little little!

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better about it Derby. I wasn't Mom's first either. It does bite when you first find out!!

  4. Our mommy had a gray stripey cat named Sherry when she was little. Sherry taught her all about being a cat mommy, so that when she gotted Trixie and Norton, and then Ralphie a couple of years later, she could be a good mommy. Now that she has us meezers, she is almost a professional cat mommy.

  5. See Derby, you were picked speshul to be your mum's first indoors snuggly cat! You should be glad those cats did such a good job starting her training, or she might think that cats should always live in barns - and we all know that is wrong wrong wrong.


  6. My momma Mittens was born in a barn, but one of the beans brought her home to be a housecat, but still indoor/outdoor. That's how she met my da. So I'm first indoor-only in my family. But I'm glad Bigotes raised my woman so well and Scruffy broke in my man. I liked having them all to myself before Victor. You're a lucky boy, Derby.

  7. My mom had never had any other cats before Brach and I--only dogs when she was a kid. I look at all the pets that came before as practice for her to learn how to love and care for me the way I deserve.

    You don't think she was BORN knowing how to treat me, do you?

  8. My Grandma used to have a whole colony of cats on the farm. They weren't pets, but some of the cats were permitted into the house. It was totally left up to the cats. There were some that loved to be inside, and others that wanted nothing to do with you. I can't remember a year of growing up and going to the farm and not seeing a litter of kittens to play with and cuddle. Since she passed away, my uncles have been trying to decrease the population as humanely as possible. But there are still few cats and kittens running around.

  9. Aww, what precious photos! I don't have one of my first kitty, either. I was six, and had to pray for a cat, because my parents wouldn't allow one. God put him right in a box in my back yard. You should have seen my parents' faces! They were speechless. How could they say no when I prayed and God answered?

    I didn't have him for long - he died when we were on vacation - my grandfather had to call and tell me. I don't think I ever got over losing him. But he set me up to be a cat person the rest of my life. I named my first all-mine cat after him, because they were both gray - Charcoal.
    ~ tammara

  10. The portant thing is they luvs us. Mine Mom had a big old gray boy named Mimmi her luved when her was a gurl. It prepared her to luv me lots!

  11. Those are very nice stories; you shouldn't be jealous, Derby. Your momma loves you very very much.
    Buzzerbee & meep

  12. That means you're a "Chosen One," just like me! It means you're very, very special ... chosen above all other cats!

  13. Vintage kittys...Derby, your mom has been saving a lot of love for you!

    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South!


  14. This is a wonderful post. Thanks for it, and for the wonderful pictures.

    Wow, Tammara. What a fantastic answered prayer. That's amazing.

  15. Our mama's big sister was a cat! She lived to be 19!!! We know our mama has always had kitties. That is why she is so well trained and can give such good scratches. There is one Cat Who Came Before that is very especial to our mama. Her name was Honey. She was mama's first cat when she moved out on her own. But Honey went to the Rainbow Bridge to soon mama says. It hurts mama's heart to think of her Honey. We try to make her feel better.


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