Sunday, January 1, 2006

Welcome 2006

Mum and I had a quiet New Years Eve. I gotted my share of turkey but didn't get the sleeping disease. Mum says that only happens if you eat to much turkey. Mum wented to bed at her regular time and except for someone setting off a few fireworks nearby at midnight it was quiet. No gunfire where mum lives, unlike where she used to live. She likes that. Plus because we didn't party too much the lights didn't look like this.
Mum also says it very much like our regular Sunday. She didded her normal routine. Since all of the fancy holiday stuffs is actually tomorrow, she said it didn't feel like a holiday. Plus tomorrow when all of that stuffs is on TV she will be working.

Mum and I watched the Packer football game today. Well I mostly napped through it and mum napped a bit too. But they did manged to win and maybe we saw the lasted game of football for Bret Favre. We shall see.

I found a few new Wisconsin kitties blogging. Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat. So let's drop in and and welcome them to our blogging family.


  1. Aw, too bad you don't get a mom day tomorrow. But it sounds like you got some good snuggle time today, which starts the new year off right!

  2. It's nice you got to snuggle then since your Mom's gotta go work. Glad your Mom's team won! I'm gonna go visit the new bloggin kitties and say hi. :)

  3. Mine mom says sometimes I have the sleeping disease and I don't hafta eat turkeys either!

  4. Derby,
    Thanks for the warm welcome in chilly Wisconsin! Our people stayed up late Mew Year's Eve, even the boy. Since they were up, I raced around celebrating with them, but Bonnie curled up in the man's puter chair to celebrate her own way. Happy Mew Year! - Victor


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