Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

Trivia at the library last week was a bust for us. We didn't do well at all, getting only about 60% of the questions correctly. Usually it is somewhere 80-90%. Must have been the categories weren't what we knew. Oh well, there is always next month.  

A few trees are showing hints of color, but the temperatures are going to be near 80 for a number of days. Good news is not much humidity.

Valentine Murder Lucy has joined the library board and on the day of her first meeting the head librarian is murdered at the library. Plus the historic pewter tankard is missing? Are the two crimes related?

The Last Dress from Paris, a grandmother sends her granddaughter to Paris in regards to a certain Dior dress. The granddaughter finds a history of her grandmother she didn't expect.

The Pope at War, written by Vatican expert and Pulitzer Prize winning author David Kertzer, tells the role of Pope Pius XII during World War II. After the Pope's death in 1958 his papers were sealed which covered up his moral failures during the course of the war. The archives were released in 2020 which allowed the in depth account of the Pope's actions or inaction. Interesting read.

I just add them to my TBR, I will get to them eventually!

Happy Reading.


  1. Yes, I do believe you are a book dragon πŸ‰ Dracarys !
    You read so fast 😊 and you read a lots πŸ’• Kudos to you

  2. Oh it’s from Angel Puddy 🐾😸

  3. Bah, buying books!
    The library has 'em all, and that is enabling since I have a book reading addiction!


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