Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

Friday is International Literacy Day, good things happen when you can read and understand! You aren't as dependent on what others tell you, you can read and make up your own mind!

I've had a library card from some library or another for decades, really for most of my life. Like the old credit card commercial, Don't leave home without it!

 Hello September! Although the past few days haven't really felt like fall with temperatures in the 90s. Although that makes good reason to stay inside and read. Holiday weekend too, so I usually stay close to home and away from the chaos of traveling anywhere. 

Hope everyone had a safe weekend.

Her Royal Spyness, Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie is a very, very minor royal, great great granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Set in 1932 she is scrimping along trying to survive in London, on her own in the family house. No staff, no maid. Then she finds a dead body in her bathtub and her brother is the top suspect. Can she find out who really done it?

Penny for Your Secrets the next Verity Kent book.Verity attends a dinner party and after she leaves the host is killed and his wife is the main suspect. The wife asks Verity to prove she didn't do it, but during the investigation Verity finds a link between the murder and another crime. Who did the crime and why?

Long Mile Home is the story of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Written by two Boston Globe reporters who worked on the story for the paper at that time. The story is related through five of the victims, the time before, during and after. The surviving bomber is in prison and fighting his death sentence.

Twisted women are disappearing but no ransom notes for kidnapping are being received. Sloane Burbank is former FBI and a friend of one of the missing women and is asked to look into it. What she encounters is a disturbed young man and his obsession with Greek mythology. 


 Yes I do need all the yarns! This is a kit I bought mainly to get the pattern. Rectangle granny blanket. First set of the five colors of yarn, three more sets to go, but the pattern goes quickly once it gets started.

The finished project. It isn't quite square but not as much of a rectangle either. But it was interesting to do and I know how to get a project like this started and make it a longer rectangle if I would want to do it again. 

Happy Reading and Happy Projects too!


  1. I've read all of the Verity Kent books, and the author has the Lady Darby series, which I've read too. Good stuff!
    My co-worker crocheted a cat hat for us; you crocheters are amazing!

  2. Fabulous blanket - well done! And i agree: no one wants to quit reading. It's a wonderful indulgence for me.

    Sydney, Australia


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