Monday, September 25, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

The problem with cats is that they get the same exact look whether they see a moth or an axe murderer. - Paula Poundstone

Happy Purrthday in Heaven to Grampie! I know mum misses him lots at times. I can see she gets all misty eyed, and then I get lots of hugs. I didn't know him long, but he was a nice guy.

Super nice weekend. I took advantage of the nice weather and just chilled on the tower. I am even trying to purrfect a dangle like Queen Tama. How am I doing?


Bizzy sporting weekend, feetsball and basey ball. Sunday our teams were playing at the same time. Mum was switching back and forth between the two. Plus working on her crow-shay.

Sports Report

The Pack - started out slow, didn't score for the first three quarters. Then they got their act together. JLove and company scored three times and went ahead 18 to 17. The other teams had a chance to kick a field goal right at the end and the missed! WooHoo. We won the home opener. 

Basey Ball - That would be the Milwaukee Brew Crew. On Friday they scored early and often, getting 16 runs. They toasted after the game that they had made the playoffs, but they needed one more win to win the division championship. PFFFT, they couldn't barely score, so no popping of champagne for them just yet. Mum thought it would be good if they won at the other guy's place. Make it messy with champagne instead of their own locker room. 

So lots of sports happening this week. The Pack plays again on Thursday and Brew Crew plays Tuesday to Sunday for the last six games of the season. Post season starts October 3. 

You all have a wonderful week and next Monday will be a new month!


  1. That is a good dangle! Happy Heavenly birthday to your Grampie.

  2. Ducky, that's a professional grade dangle!

  3. For me ... this week is the last week of "in person" baseball ... now I must pick who I want to root for next as we continue ....

  4. Queen Tama is proud of you, Ducky!

  5. Ducky, that is a beautiful dangle. I am particularly admirative of the symmetry between the leg and the tail. Well done!



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