Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Don't forget to sign up for the Catlympics. You can get all of the details on Beau's blog. There is something for every one to compete in, boy and girl kitties. Also, there are age divisions. If all else fails you can be a torch bearer for the torch run. I am busy practicing for my events. I didn't enter many events, since I have to be the sports reporter too.

Also The Crew 'fessed up to the sign. Don't worry I won't call the cops, I think its neat. Plus there are lots of others who have made their mark here too.

Mum said she saw two robins today. They are gonna get a surprise tomorrow, its gonna SNOW!


  1. Derby

    Sounds like fun over at the catylimcs.May the best poodin' win!


  2. I can't wait to read your reports. You're sucha good reporter. I signed up for a lotta events. I hope I do well!

  3. That Crew is a wild bunch! More snow here too. At least this time of year it doesn't last too long.

  4. Goodness Derby, you am practicin to hard, you am turning green!!!

    We have robins hippity hopping in the snow!!

  5. Hey Derby, I have started training for the Catolympics too! There's a picture of me training on my blog. It is COLD here, the man on the TV said it was the coldest March day in London for 5 years. Brrr.

  6. Over here in Singapore, we're experiencing our hottest days at 34 degrees celcius! Send some snow over PLEASE!

    ~5-Cat Style

  7. Love the picture of you on the rings. Maybe you were green for St. Patrick's Day!


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