Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cleaning Help

Mum was cleaning today and worked on the extra bathroom that Grampie and guests normally use. I decided she needed help or at least someone to supervise and make sure she gotted all of the proper things done and properly cleaned. I normally don't hang out and lay in the sink, but I thinks I fit in this one just fine. Plus unlike the other sinks in the house, it happened to be dry at the time.

Mum usually does not let me in this room, something about not wanting me to shred the TP. Hmph. But I tried to look out the window but can't see anything because there is vanilla frosting on the window. So I can't see the birdie feeders which are just a few feet away.

Yup, OK. Sink - clean, toilet - clean, seat down, floor - mopped and clean. One bathroom down, one to go.

Mum gotted really carried away with cleaning. She was washing rugs and using the big sucking machine lots. She even wented through all of the boxes in the house and tooked them out so she could cycle them. So now I don't got any boxes to play in. Mum said we hadded to many boxes in the house and they were taking up room. She is liking all of the space that this cleared up. So she says she has done pretty good on her spring cleaning.

And spring musted be real close. Mum said she heard a robin singing but didn't see him. Plus the boy goldfinches are starting to get bright yellow again too.


  1. Sometimes People need kitty help to get things realy clean. Buddah likes to sit in the sink and supervise the Woman when she cleans the bathroom. I'm not a big fan of the whole thing, but I understand the appeal. In the summer, sinks are nice to nap in because they're cool...

  2. We had a big, fat robin in our yard today!! Mom said that spring is coming.

    Meeko and Kiara

  3. Wow you are such a big help. I bet your mum is very happy with you. Can you ask your mum a favor for me? Can you ask her to email me (, as I am having some trouble adding the gorgeous gingers logo to my site and I really need some help (my sidebar is too skinny and I don't know how to make it wider (like fat eric - hehe).

  4. Mom has seen many a robin. However, we gotted 15 inches of snow and her and Dad wonder what they eat? I know what I would eat, given the chance!!

  5. Ariel loves to watch me clean also.
    Especially the bathtub.Yet recently she got to close and fell in.When I helped her out she gave me such a nasty look.She has'nt been near the bathtub since.

  6. We have robins here too. They just came back yesterday, I think. Cute picture of you peering over the edge of the sink!

  7. Good thing your Mum has you there to supervise. Who knows what would happen if you weren't checking everything!


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