Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Tub Hockey!

Tub Hockey! by Derby Slapshot

A celebration of Magoo’s birthday turned into an impromptu tub hockey showdown. The home team of Magoo and Smudge took on all comers, proving that they clearly had home tub advantage. The twosome had a particularly hard match with Edsel and Jasper. The ref, Bonnie Underfoot, had her hands full with this foursome. During the match several fights broke out, partly fueled by the refreshments of the catnip punch. But the home duo prevailed by a score of 6-5.

After this initial match, some of the less experienced players were matched up for practice games. The games were set up for both two-on-two and one-on-one games. While not playing a full regulation time, it provided all a good time to play in a real game format. This provided a better test of skills that just practice conditions.

Two kitties who show promise are Victor Tabbycat and Charlie Fluffbum. When matched against each other for a one-on-one period, held each other scoreless for the time they were in the tub. For each move made the appropriate counter move was made. Both kitties have the chance to really advance to the top echelons of the game, should they choose to pursue the game. The Meezers were very happy to play in a tub without bubbles!

On Sunday, the premier match was set up a bit differently. To get away from the home team/tub advantage Magoo was teamed up with Edsel. Smudge was teamed up with Shaggy. A fast, furious and fabulous match ensued. Now that each team had a participant very familiar with the nuances of the tub it was a very even match. The action was fantasic and each team had numerous shots on goal. Do to the excellent defensive skills of each team the final score was 2-1 in favor of Smudge and Shaggy. (Sorry birthday boy Magoo.) The performance of each team was amzazing considering all of the partying that had occurred leading up to this match.

Also, the cheerleading squad, with Princess Mia, Patches Lady, Mittens, Mistrie, Angel, Taz, Dolce, Tipper and Diva Kitty were spectacular. Particularly stunning was the pyramid formation which included the help of all of the female kitties present. Some of the more experienced members provided a short cheer clinic so that all of the girls could update their skills and share tips on learning safety and good cheers.

It proved out that the skills of the feline tub hockey group is quite proficient. Next season should be a great year.


  1. i'm sorry to hear i lost. it was all so confusing, i wasn't sure what the final score was. sorry Magoo, maybe next year!

  2. Do you know the score of our tub hockey matches? we can't count. - Sammy and Miles

  3. See what I miss when I overindulge and have to sleep it off?

  4. ha ha -- love the description of you guys! I can just picture it now...

  5. Great reporting Derby! It definetely is your niche in life!
    The pyramid cheer was the bestest we've seen. It almost distracted the competitors from the game, but they kept their focus and played on!

  6. oh - oh - oh.......I have PROMISE!!


  7. *yawn*

    did I miss something?

  8. It was the bestest tournament ever!

  9. Very nice play-by-play commentary! You should think 'bout sports announcer for a job . . .


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