Saturday, March 4, 2006

Yucky Tasting Plant

Mum didn't waste any time getting rid of the dead plant. She tooked it outside that night and the next day the big noisy truck came and took all of the trashy stuff away.

But all of the suggestions for a large kittie condo didn't work. Mum came home with this plant today to replace the one she/I killed. I immediately checked it out. Doens't really smell and it sure doesn't taste good when I tried to chew on it. Not tasty at all. Sort of like it really isn't real. Not exactly sure what type of plant it is, plus it seems like there is more than one plant. Mum says I can't kill this one and neither can she. Hmmm.

She also camed home with this purrty wreath to go on the front door. Says that the yellow things are the flowers of a for-sith-ia. Bright yellow and they bloom early in spring. Mum is thinking that she needs to get a real for-sith-ia for the yard. It is one of the firsted things to bloom when spring finally gets here. And we are waiting for spring to get here.

Plus she broughted home these little packages of seeds. Instead of having to buy a whole kit to grow kittie grass, the local garden store had packages of seeds of just the grass. Mum says with the other little containers she has from growing the grass before and potting soil, she can keep the grass growing for much less money. Also note that she boughted some seed to grow catnip outside once it gets warm.

Mum even gotted a little creative last night and managed to make a logo for The Gorgeous Gingers. See the side bar under my clock. She sended the code to Fat Eric's mum and if you are part of the group, you can get it from her. Keep an eye out for any ginger cat that hasn't signed up and send them an invite to join. Only need to be a ginger cat and so far all of us gingers are boys! What no girl gingers??? Is this going to be a 'boys only' group? I hope not.

Well, time to pop back to Magoo's birthday party. The gang is having a great time celebrating with him. There have been some incredible tub hockey matches. I will need to give you a full report once everycat is back home. Plus I think I need to start working on mum to host a party for everyone for my birthday. My birthday is on a Friday, so we could party the whole weekend!


  1. Oh Derby..... :-)

    Sadly for you and the 'boys', ginger is a predominantly male gene and there are very few pure ginger females.....

    On the other hand, tortie (like Pandora) is a predominantly female gene.......

    So, unless you throw a few kegger parties, the Gorgeous Gingers are likely to remain all-boy....

    charlie and pandora's mama

    btw - check out the Britcats for Charlie's new toys.....

  2. keep us posted on how growing that grass works. we tried it once and it didn't go very well so my Mom went back to the kits. she buys them now at Target and they cost less than at the pet place

  3. We're gonna get some catnip seeds. Mom got a transplant section last year from our neighbor but it didn't survive. Maybe growing from seeds will be better! Hope so.
    Tell your mom she is very creative with the logo! We didn't know ginger was a male thing...we know tortie/calico is female. Funny how nature works.

  4. You are going to have lots of fun with those catnip seeds, Derby! We have got a huge forsythia and two small ones in our back garden, and a small one in the front, they are in bud but haven't flowered yet, probably as it's been too cold. We love to look at the yellow flowers but the big one is out of control, we're going to have to cut it back...a lot!

  5. Me again. I know most ginger kitties are boys, but I've invited Miss S over at Whippy Curly Tails to join, so we could have a ginger girl in our gang soon! She has a ginger brother too of course.

  6. Derby, I don't know what happened but I seemed to have missed a whole bunch of your posts--I had to go back to read about the unfortunate plant! Anyway, I taught my mom ages ago that we can't have real plants. Or at least where I can reach them. I get a little rambunctious, you know.

    I hope this year Mom will try growing some catnip for us. She's going to try to do at least a little beautifying in the back yard.

  7. Hi Derby

    Max from HAWS here. I'm a Tuxie myself, but do admire the markings on you Gorgeous Ginger kitties. When we click on your animated logo, it doesn't lead to the Gorgeous Gingers page that Eric created. Is the link broken?

    Maxwell Smartkitty
    The Crew

  8. No, the character itself does not lead to the Gorgeous Gingers. But the link is just below the HAWS one. Mum didn't figure out how to do a link inside the logo thingy. Guess I need a better IT person. Sigh.

  9. Ohhh, growing some nip. Sebastian and Yaffa are jealous.

  10. Mom got seeds like that for us, too. Can't! Wait! For! Summer!

  11. Derby

    I am a itty bitty tuxedo but I do have a big brother who is a ginger.



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